Calgary hosts tons of fun festivals, markets, and other activities all around the city in October. There's so many, it's hard to even keep track. That's why we've come up with this list of MUST-DO's to help you make the most of this October.

And just because most things in life are better when done with your BFF, we've made sure to make the list bestie-friendly . So, grab your partner and crime and get into some shenanigans before October ends.

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Autumn Pumpkin Festival

Calgary Corn Maze's Autumn Pumpkin Festival may just be the cutest BFF activity ever. There's a bunch of mini pumpkins, jack o' lanterns, pie pumpkins, and ghost pumpkins for you to choose from. For people who suck at making their own jack o' lantern's, Calgary Corn Maze has your back. They also have a petting zoo and offer a few rounds of Pumpkin Checkers and Pumpkin Bowling. Not to mention they explode a pumpkin every day at 1 p.m. Mind-blowing.

Dates: Oct 8-10, Oct 15 & 16, Oct 22 & 23

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Flashlight Fridays

Have some spooky fun on Flashlight Fridays at Calgary's Corn Maze. Can you find your way around this corn maze using only a flashlight? Although, this might not be the best idea if your BFF is totally scared of the dark.

Dates: October 7, 14, 21

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Train of Terror

Enter if you dare! Train of Terror is one of the spookiest haunted "houses" in the Calgary area. Located in Mossleigh, this train is guaranteed to give you a good scare.

Dates: Weekends Oct 8-30

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Cobb's Corn Maze // 1500 84th Ave SE

Nothing says fall like pumpkin picking and corn mazes. Cobb's Corn Maze is the perfect place for you and your BFF to find the perfect pumpkins, get lost in a corn maze, and enjoy the dozens of other fall activities Cobb's has going on every day!

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Screamfest // 20 Roundup Way SE

It's called Screamfest for a reason. One of Calgary's most popular Halloween events, Screamfest is possibly one of the spookiest places to go with your BFF this summer. From haunted houses to getting chased with a chainsaw... let's just say, I hope you both have a strong set of lungs.

Dates: October 14-31

Rocky Mountain Food + Wine Festival // Stampede Park BMO Centre

Take a break from all the screaming and stop by the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food festival. Try different foods, wines, and other drinks from all over the city. Enjoy an event where only the 19+ adults are allowed to come out and play.

Dates: October 14-15

Calgary Night Market // Eau Claire Market

Eau Claire's Calgary Night Market is an annual must-do in Calgary. With vendors from all over Calgary, it's a great way to treat you and your bestie to a shopping spree and support local businesses!

Kayben Farms

More pumpkins, more mazes, more fun! Always guaranteed a good time at Kayben Farms Sunshine Adventure Park! From their corn mazes, berry picking, and pumpkin patches to their gigantic slide, this is definitely a BFF must-do this October.

Dates: Open daily until October 29th.

Dracula Ballet // Southern Jubilee Auditorium

Dracula's coming to town and he'll be waiting at the Jube. The Alberta Ballet will be putting on a Dracula performance at the Jubilee Auditorium this October. Ballet meets horror. How awesome.

Dates: October 27-29

The Coven

Haunted Calgary's "The Coven" is one of Calgary's largest yard hunts. It's basically like Disney World from hell. It takes almost half an hour to make your way around the whole yard so be ready to be spooked the entire time.

Dates: October 28-31

Elbow Falls Hike

Take a stroll through the beautiful Elbow Falls. Elbow is the most gorgeous in the fall! And the perfect place to take your best friend, whether your best friend is human or canine. Or a weird combination of both... Let's stay outta there during full moons in October.

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