"Hey, by the way, did you guys know that chocolate contains a property that triggers the release of endorphins? Gives one the feeling of being in love." - Willy Wonka

Being a chocoholic is serious business. Chocolate is an art. It definitely fits every occasion. No matter the mood or occasion, chocolate is always the answer. Chocolate comes in various forms - cakes and baked goods, chocolate bars, chocolate beverages... and we're obsessed with all of them.

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Calgary has quite a few hidden gems when it comes to chocolate shops. You can definitely bring out your inner Charlie and visit some of Calgary's delicious chocolate factories. You heard Willy Wonka, Chocolate gives one the feeling of falling in love, so what a better place to take a date than a chocolate shop? Secure yourself a second and possibly even a third.

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Choklat // 3601 21 St NE

Choklat has made it's home in Calgary since 2008. This unique chocolate shop is filled with amazing chocolate bars that are made with all different types of cocoa beans. From delicious in-house hot chocolate to centre-filled truffles, Choklat is the perfect place to take any chocoholic.

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Epiphanie Chocolate // 1417 11 St SW

Epiphanie Chocolate is a great place to go if you love freshly made chocolates. This husband-wife owned chocolate shop has over 30 different delicious chocolates made by the owners themselves. What better place to take a date than chocoholic heaven?

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The Chocolate Lab // 202D Centre St SE

The art of Chocolate making is a science and the Chocolate Lab is ready to put it to the test. With an amazing menu of insane chocolates, (honestly, look at those moustaches) - The Chocolate Lab is a great place to take a chocoholic and secure you their chocolatey love forever.

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Master Chocolat // 5325 4 St SE

Master Chocolat is one of the wonderful chocolate shops created by the master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut. With a large selection of bars, baked goods and other chocolatey treats - (Even a Make Your Own chocolate option!) Master Chocolat will never disappoint. Congratulations, you've got yourself a second date.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory // Cross Iron Mills

Shopaholics meet Chocoholics at Rocky Moutain Chocolate Factory in Cross Iron Mills. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a great place to get your chocolate fix. Let's just say, you've found the golden ticket with this one.

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Mountain Chocolates // 200 Banff Ave (128km West of Calgary)

Although it's located in Banff, I promise it's worth the trip. And I'm sure your date will appreciate it! Mountain Chocolates is one of the best places to get your chocolate fix in Banff. With so many beautifully decorated chocolatey treats, you'll never be able to get enough. The caramel apples will leave you drooling not to mention they are the home of the famous Bear Paws! (Cashews coated with caramel and chocolate)

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Chocolatier Coppeneur // 105 8 Ave SW

Chocolatier Coppeneur is a special chocolate shop gem on Stephen Ave in Calgary. This is the only Chocolatier Coppeneur shop outside of Germany. These chocolates and other chocolatey treats are every chocolate lovers-dream. (Hint: Try the Almond and/or Coffee Dominican white chocolate bar, tastebud heaven.)

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Cococo Chocolatiers // 2320 2 Ave SE

Cococo Chocolatiers has various locations around the city. This Calgary based Chocolate shop will be sure to satisfy any chocolate lover and probably guarantee you a second date. Cococo Chocolatiers also offers some products you can take home! Like their chocolate shavings, cocoa powders, mixed morsels and more!

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