Get ready for a real Jumanji experience. A real-life Pac-Man escape maze is coming to Calgary this May and you need to try it. Tickets are super affordable and the event is coming up sooner than you think. If you want to relive your childhood in the coolest way possible, then listen up. 

Lately, the world is all about reselling us our childhood. From live-action Disney remakes to Lego pop-up bars, the nostalgia is real and we are here for it. 

The latest of this trend is an interactive and completely immersive Pac-Man inspired experience. This event will have all the things you know and love about Pac-Man, including the ghosts and fruit. The only thing it will be missing is the pixels. 

In an email sent to Narcity, the escape maze is coming to Calgary this May. Tickets for the event are going on sale next week so be sure to mark your calendars. If its anything like the Mario Kart race track, tickets will go fast. 

The arcade-style maze lands in Calgary on May 9, 2020. It will be just like the Pac-Man arcade game you spent hours playing as a kid.

As you run through the maze, you will be acting as Pac-Man and will be actively avoiding ghosts and trying to collect fruit along the way. 

It is a maze, so be sure to be aware of your surroundings to avoid going in circles. Unlike the video game, you won't have the advantage of seeing from up above. 

There is an added twist. According to the event details, collecting fruit isn’t your only objective as you’ll need to complete a coded “puzzle.”

If you’re the first to finish the puzzle and gather all the fruit, you’ll be at the top of the leaderboard and crowned the ultimate winner. If a ghost catches you, you will lose a life. Once you lose all three, you’re out. 

Once you are done, you can head to the 80s themed “Pixel Room” where you can play your other favourite old-school games from your childhood.

Tickets for the event will go on sale next week and for only $15, you can try your luck. We suggest signing up on the event's website to be notified when the tickets will go on sale. 

Have fun, collect that fruit, and don’t lose a life. 

The Maze

Price: $15

When: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Why You Need To Go: Be real with yourself, you've always wanted to be submerged in a video game ever since you watched Wreck-It Ralph

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