You’re going be so thankful you opened this article. We did some digging around and found a wicked new event that is coming to Calgary. Bumper cars on ice are coming to Calgary next year and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It is exactly what it sounds like and it is honestly all we ever wanted. The hardest part will be waiting until next year to do it. 

Get ready for the most insane event of your life. While drinking and partying is fun when you're an adult, we are constantly looking for ways to relive our childhood. That’s exactly why Hollywood keeps producing live-action movies of our cartoons classics. 

The latest adult-friendly and nostalgic event involves strapping yourself into a bumper car. While we all have played on bumper cars a time or two in our lives, this is a little different as the cars will be on a sheet of ice. 

According to the Bumper Cars on Ice Tour website, this pop-up event is actually coming to Calgary next year. They will allegedly be here in February 2020 although an exact date has not been set as of yet. 

Pop up events like these aren’t uncommon. Anything from Lego bars to Mario Kart inspired race tracks have come to Canada and they are all epic. 

This insane new event will feature everything you know and love about bumper cars except the large cars will be placed on a sheet of ice; adding to the difficulty of the entire thing. 

Whether you come solo or show up in a group, the website states that it is the perfect opportunity to “take life in the fast lane slipping, sliding, and smashing into other bumper cars.”

This event is literally for anyone and there is no license required. In fact, the website states that the only license you need is one for slipping and sliding. 

As of now, the website does not have an exact date for when they will be in our big city. However, if you happen to find yourself in Sydney or Melbourne on the other hand, tickets are available.

According to a press release, tickets for the Calgary event will be $20 and include 12 minutes of bumper car ice time.*

Not only will there be bumper cars but a DJ will be spinning some sick tunes as you slide your way around the rink. 

There will also be a winter cocktail list that including mulled wine. If the adrenaline didn’t warm you up, then these sure will. 

In the meantime, we suggest visiting the bumper cars on ice tour website and signing up for their newsletter. By typing in Calgary and your email, you will be notified when tickets are available for purchase. 

Now the waiting game begins. 

Bumper Cars on Ice

Price: $20 per person

When: February 2020

Why You Need To Go: It's our favourite amusement park ride just better and on ice.

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