Do you love the boho look of a room covered in leafy greens? Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can relax surrounded by beachy palms. Calgary's lush Devonian Gardens are a free tropical paradise and they're open to explore from home.

Right now, the botanical gardens are closed until further notice. As such, you might be missing the chance to escape Calgary's cold inside its warm oasis.

It is hard not to love the enormous urban location as it has an incredible 500 trees, and plants in every shade of green.

But did you know you can enjoy the sights right from your laptop or phone? That's right; the gardens are on Google Earth, where you can virtually stroll through all the blooming gorgeousness.

If you've never used this feature of the popular search engine, you'll definitely want to check it out today. All you need to do is click with your mouse to move you around the space.

There is no need to drive or even get out of your pyjamas. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy navigating around.

You'll be able to pick your direction and stop to admire the view where you want. For example, you can admire the relaxing fish pond with a fountain in the middle and it almost feels like you're in the mall.

The online tour feels more like a choose your own adventure, and you'll have to decide which way to go when the path splits.

Thankfully there is no wrong way, and you can always turn around to see everything.

One of our favourite spots is the gigantic living wall, which will give you some severe plant envy. 

Be warned; after exploring, you might be motivated to buy a few potted vines or aloe plants to enhance your space.

If you are looking for more fun activities to enjoy at home, several of our local fitness studios have free classes you can do in your living room too.

Devonian Gardens

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can explore the lush living wall in these tropical gardens right from your laptop.

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