There's no denying that donuts are a seriously awesome treat. You can pair them with coffee in the morning for breakfast (sorry, Mom), put them on top of a milkshake, or eat them by the dozen in mini form!

While stopping at Tim Horton's or Starbucks might seem like an easy option, I always recommend supporting local whenever you can! There are quite a few cute little bake shops here in Calgary that make some amazing donuts!

Next time you've got some sugar cravings, hit up one, (or all, if you can handle that much) of Calgary's best donut spots and find your new favourite:

Destination 1: Glamorgan Bakery Ltd.

Where: #19 3919 Richmond Road SW

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This Calgary bakery is home to some seriously delicious donuts of all shapes and sizes! You can grab jelly filled, Texas-sized, and even donut holes to snack on, all at some seriously great prices.

Destination 2: Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Where: 1414 8 Street SW

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Perhaps one of the cities most popular donut shops, would be none other than Jelly Modern! They've always got some sort of new seasonal special happening, whether it be donuts topped with mini eggs, or lucky charms! There's no way you'll leave with any less than a dozen.

Destination 3: Regrub Burger Bar

Where: 625 11 Ave SW

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Regrub is home to some seriously crazy milkshakes, some of which are actually topped with a donut! If you want a little extra sugar on your donut crawl, be sure to stop by and order Cookie Monster Milkshake!

Destination 4: Hudson's Canada Pub

Where: 1201 5 Street SW

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If you're down to make a pub stop on your donut crawl, Hudson's just so happens to have some seriously awesome, super Canadian Maple Bacon Mini Donuts! Grab a drink to chase them with, and you'll be all set to go!

Destination 5: Pretty Sweet Bakeshop

Where: 536 42 Ave SE

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Are these not the cutest mini donuts you've ever seen?! Pretty Sweet makes donuts in the most amazing flavours, including lemon, chocolate, vanilla bean, and of course, cinnamon sugar! They're by-order only, so you'll have to hit them up in advance to get your sugar fill!

Destination 6: The Italian Store

Where: 5140 Skyline Way NE

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Finish your donut crawl off on a high note with a stop at The Italian Store! They've always got delicious, fresh Italian donuts for you to enjoy, and you can even grab a scoop of their amazing gelato to pair with it; we all know nobody does gelato quite like Italians!

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