Everyone has their own idea of what a dream vacation looks like. For some, they want to island hop in a tropical destination like the Philippines or Thailand, salt water in their hair and swimming in the warm sunlight. For others, they want to lose themselves in an ancient European town and wander the cobblestone streets that so many before them called home. I just want to go to Africa and see all the animals like elephants and lions up close!

The Calgary Zoo is doing a special brunch out in the wild where you can eat breakfast with the African animals! The brunch takes place in the centre of their Destination Africa exhibit. You'll be surrounded by warm, tropical air—a welcome escape from the freezing temperatures in Calgary right now! Nearby, lions will be lazing and giraffes will be grazing as you tuck into a brunch feast. Short of flying to Africa for a safari, this is the best way to get up close with the animals for a truly unique experience. Plus, flights from Calgary to Nairobi were over $1,600 when I last checked!  

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They really go all out when they put this brunch together. It's not just yogurt cups and granola! There's an omelette station, fresh waffle bar, dessert bar, chocolate fountain and all your favourite brunch items à la carte like eggs benedict. This brunch would make an amazing gift for a friend's birthday and it could be a fun way to go out with family to celebrate a special occasion. I'm really grateful that I don't live close enough to check it out myself because being the animal-lover that I am I would be there every weekend.

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You can join in the Safari Sunday Brunch at the Calgary Zoo right now and all through the Spring! Tickets for the brunch include admission to the zoo and cost $44.95. It's a pretty great deal considering how much food you'll get plus you'll get to go check out the zoo. Look out for their specialty brunches held throughout the year for even more amazing ways to get up close with your favourite animals!

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