Before we all get too excited about the return of warmer weather, let's take the time to appreciate our favourite wintry comfort food: poutine! French fries, gravy and cheese curds combine to make an irresistible Canadian classic dish that no one can resist. Even vegetarian and vegan versions of poutine lift the spirit and wrap your stomach in a hug. How much poutine is too much poutine? There's one place in western Canada that's testing the limit.

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Leopold's Tavern serves massive poutines inside gigantic glass punchbowls and the visuals are already clogging my arteries. This punchbowl poutine is made to share with friends and it features 4 lbs of fries drowned in 1 litre of gravy and stuffed with an entire pound of cheese curds. Even if you split this poutine five ways, you're still eating over a pound of poutine alone.

I'd like to say that I can't imagine eating that much poutine but I'm Canadian through and through. I know I could easily polish off the Punchbowl Poutine with a couple of friends. If you have ever wanted to test your upper limits with the most iconically Canadian food ever, then this is your chance. 

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Pair it with a few Canadian craft beers or a ceasar and you have yourself a tasty Sunday afternoon snack!

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Leopold's Tavern has locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. They'll be opening in Victoria in the fall of 2019 so British Columbians can get in on this poutine goodness! According to their menu, this massive poutine costs from $49.75 to $63.75 depending on what province you're in and what kind of poutine you order.

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