You don't need to take a trip to Vegas to get married for cheap. You can do that at your local neighbourhood restaurant for less than a toonie this month. Forget expensive flower bouquets, rental halls, and excessive cake towers, this wedding is the most laid-back way to tie the knot you'll ever find. Canada's Jack Astor's weddings let you celebrate your love this month.

If you've been dreaming of getting married but hate all the fuss and preparation, then you need to book yourself a ceremony at your nearest Jack Astor's.

The popular restaurant chain told Narcity that they are putting on a wedding promotion where you and your loved one can tie the knot for just $1.99, making the ceremony even cheaper than your first date.

Of course, the marriage isn't legally binding, but it has all the fixings of a regular ceremony.

You'll get an officiant and all the finest dollar-store decor. Plus, your wedding will be entirely unique, as no two Jack Astor's unions are the same.

Some couples will enjoy chicken finger bouquets and poutine cakes, while others will celebrate with chilled beers and a mountain of fries beneath a balloon arch.

In order to book this momentous occasion, call your nearest Jack Astor's location.

You'll need to give the restaurant at least 48 hours' notice before your big day so they can prepare all the most romantic tacky decor.

You can invite up to 30 guests to your celebration so they can share in the love as well.

The promotion is running until February 16, so it's time to start ring shopping and handing out invites.

The Toronto Jack Astor's on Front Street will have a special Christmas Dive Bar Wedding Chapel, so you can get hitched with even more tacky decor as well as holiday vibes.

This Valentine's Day, make the ultimate gesture of love to that special someone by having fake nuptials. It's a good test run before the real thing, plus it's a great excuse for a party!

Jack Astor's Wedding Promotion

Price: $1.99

When: Until February 16, 2020

Address: Jack Astor's locations

Why You Need To Go: You can test drive your wedding for the ultimate Valentine's Day date!

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