If you’re looking to do something unique and unforgettable this holiday season, we’ve got just the thing. There is a cave (hear us out!) located a short drive away from Canmore, Alberta. Each year, a series of intimate Christmas concerts take place in the cave allowing you to literally go inside a mountain, coveralls and all, to sip hot tea while listening to local bands play dreamy acoustic sets. The Canmore Christmas cave concerts, called Spirit in the Mountain, are a great excuse to go caving for the first time and get to know the Rockies from a whole new perspective.

Spirit in the Mountain is hosted by Canmore Cave Tours and will take place in Rat’s Nest Cave from December 19 to December 22, 2019. The concert series features local bands including Trundled, Elk Run and Riot, Seth Anderson, and The Silkstones.

You will walk up a short hike to the cave’s entrance, get suited up in your coveralls, harness, and helmet, and then embark upon your journey into the deep depths of Rat’s Nest Cave. If this sounds like a completely unimaginable thing to do, let us break it down for you.

Rat's Nest Cave is a Provincial Historic Site located beneath Grotto Mountain. The only way to explore the cave is through a tour or event with Canmore Cave Tours. So, now's your chance.

If you’re into adventure, exploring, geology, history, biology, or anything in between, you’re going to want to lay eyes on the inside of this incredible natural wonder.

Once inside the cave, your guide will take you and your group through passages, tight squeezes, through a number of different "rooms," and finally to a large opening where twinkling lights and enchanting musical acoustics will welcome you.

If you're not really into outdoor activities during the winter, the cave actually stays a consistent temperature of four and a half degrees.

Caving is something most people aren't used to doing, especially when it comes to caving your way to a Christmas concert. If you're nervous about the caving experience, it's much less daunting than you think. There are plenty of areas in the cave where you can fully stand up and the tight squeezes are a total breeze.

People come from far and wide to hike in the Canadian Rockies, but how many people to you know that have actually been in the Rockies?

Spirit in the Mountain is a unique and spectacular way to welcome the holidays, support emerging musicians, and do something new. These intimate concerts sell out fast, so get your tickets while you can.

Spirit in the Mountain

Price: $149

When: December 19 to December 22

Address: 202 - 129 Bow Meadows Cres., Canmore, AB

Why You Need To Go: Watch a concert like you've never seen before surrounded by twinkle lights and the natural wonder that is Rat's Nest Cave.

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