If you've missed going to concerts lately, then you're not alone. Alberta's own Brett Kissel is bringing a drive-in concert in Edmonton to life for music fans and it's going to be epic. It will have the vibe of Stampede for sure and you've never seen a live show like this before.

The Edmonton-based country star spoke to Narcity about his upcoming one-of-a-kind concert.

“Being unemployed and not doing shows doesn’t suit me very well, to be honest,” he said. “I’m happy to get the band back together and be able to do something so cool.”

This unique concert on Saturday, June 13 will be the first of its kind in Canada. They worked together with Alberta Health Services and Health Canada to make it happen. 

"We came up with the concept to bring everyone in like a drive-in movie but it's going to be a lot better because it's a concert."

The stage will be absolutely massive. They're borrowing the Edmonton Eskimos' screen and Kissel will be jumping around on stage while his band plays from behind plexiglass booths so that everyone's safely distancing.

"We're making this look as big as it possibly can, like a festival." The hour-long show will be like a mini-festival.

"Think of Calgary Stampede," he said. "We're making sure that it's big."


He says that people need a chance to leave their house and have fun, and music is a way to do that. "In this era, the glue of our Canadian fabric is music and it brings people together."

"One of my songs is called Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do and I know that here in Alberta and across Canada people need an opportunity to have their spirits raised," said Kissel. 

Kissel is stoked to get to do the concert, but he's most proud that Safeway is partnering with them because they're making it possible for 100% of the ticket sales to go to food banks in Alberta.

Tickets are $50 per car and all the details about the concert and all the thoughtful safety measures in place can be found online.

Kissel doesn't like to sit idle for long and he can't wait to put on the show.

"I feel like a racehorse that's been cooped up in the coral for way, way too long and the minute I saw an opportunity for us to open that gate and to go I am running as fast as I can."

If you're in Edmonton and you also feel like you've been cooped up too long, then this concert could be the perfect remedy for you.

Drive-In Country Music Concert With Brett Kissel

Price: $50 per vehicle

When: Saturday, June 13

Address: River Cree Resort & Casino Main Parking Lot, 300 E. Lapotac Blvd., Enoch, AB

Why You Need To Go: Pull up to your first-ever drive-in country music concert and remember how good live music feels.


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