No matter if you call yourselves best friends, BFFs, Bitties, Gals, or whatever, you know that a night out on the town is not complete without your partner in crime! The term has basically become a trend and hey, we're not complaining! Having friends is great but no one will ever compare to your best friend. 

They've seen you at your best, they've seen you at your worst and you can act like total weirdos around each other and are no strangers when it comes to having fun. If you and your best friend can’t figure what to do on a Friday night in Edmonton, maybe these 10 fun ideas can inspire your night girls night so you two can keep those good times goin! 

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1. Grab some tickets to the next Oilers Game at Rogers Place 

Hit up Ticketmaster and purchase tickets for you and you BFF to an Edmonton Oilers game at Rogers Place. At the game, you can chat amongst each other among thousands of Oilers fans, enjoy a cup of beer and indulge in some food. If you’re a selfie taker, you'll be covered thanks to the bright lights inside the arena. Oh and make sure you bring some extra cash for the beers at Rogers Place are not cheap, we’re talking between $10-$12!

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2. Board Game Night Anyone? 

Take your BFF out to the Hexagon Board Game Cafe. This fun gem is located along Whyte Avenue and allows gamers to choose from over 600 board games. From 7 Wonders, Battleship, Operation, all the way down to LIFE, this is the perfect spot to challenge your BFF in the most fun and friendliest way possible. Remember, this cafe is first come, first serve and the gaming fee is $2.50 an hour. Oh, did we mention that it’s licensed?! 

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3. Visit The Art Gallery of Alberta 

If you hit a creative rough patch, why not drag your best friend to help you get over your creative hurdle by looking at some visual art at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The gallery features 3 floors of viewing pleasure, a terrace overlooking the Edmonton view and Zinc restaurant. Not to mention that the lighting inside the gallery serves as a perfect instagram moment for you and you bff, whether in front of a Warhol painting of the minimalistic ceiling.

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4. Have A Jump At The LaunchPad Trampoline Park 

Jump around with your bestie at Edmonton’s largest indoor trampoline park! You two can channel your inner Air Jordan jump man and shoot some hoops while jumping on a trampoline or you can engage in a backflip competition. When you snap that pic of you and your bestie on a trampoline, use the hashtag #jumplaunchpad to win some cool prizes! 

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5. Games On Game At The Rec Room 

Imagine K-Days without the rides and instead replaced with video games, redemption games, ping-pong, bowling and live entertainment,  all under one roof. Yes, there is a place like this that exists and whether its with your best friend or a group of friends, we promise you will not be bored at The Rec Room.

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6. Paint The Night Away 

Wanna get visually creative with your best friend? Simply go to where you can choose from a multitude of paint sessions in Edmonton. You can choose what you want to paint, level of difficulty and the location that you want to have your paint night for you and your best friend won't be the only pair to give it a try. Is fun, its creative and you can channel your inner Michalangelo with your BFF while sipping on some wine or a brew. Rule: you can't look at each other's paintings until you're done.

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7. Channel Your Inner Rap Skills For Hip-Hop Karaoke

Who doesn't love a good ol' karaoke night? Especially after a few drinks and singing Love Shack to your peers. Grab your BFF and practice your rapping skills in time for Hip-Hop Karaoke held at 9910 three to five times a year. Just down the stairs by The Common on 109th. From Chance the Rapper, Kanye to Jay-Z, we promise you won't be judged. You and your BFF better act now because there's one coming up on Friday, December 23rd. Sign up now!

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8. Take A Cooking Class at Sorrentino's

Instead of eating at a local hot spot, switch things up a bit with your bestie and take a cooking class together at Sorrentino's. From traditional Italian, world cuisine, to 60 minute meals, make sure you and your best friend show up hungry. Oh and there's wine too!

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9. Go Thrift Shopping

Even if you only have $20 in your pocket, grab your bestie and pop a few tags together at Value Village. You never know what you may find in one of their many aisles. Talk about racks on racks on racks!

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10. Eat at a local hot-spot

What's a day without food?  If your bestie doesn't agree with you that food is the most important part of your time spent together, than maybe you need to get new friends. Try out a local diner like Dadeo along Whyte Avenue. Make sure both of your stomachs are empty!

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