With Edmonton turning into an awesomely evolving city, we were beyond thrilled about this concept: escape rooms! For those who have not heard of them, let us enlighten you. An escape room is a physical adventure that requires members to be locked in a room together. As a team, groups must solve a variety of puzzles used to help them escape the room, all under a limited amount of time. If they complete their mission before the time runs out, they win!

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Whether it's a birthday, date or just a fun night out, we recommend that you have a look at 11 escape rooms listed below. Each center has their own concept and theme which we guarantee will make you want to try again. Just imagine being Gwen Stefani and having to make that sweet escape! Wooo hoo!

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Escape City // 5916 104 St NW

Round up the team, for you will all get the chance to make the ultimate escape at Escape City. Brace yourself, for the clock is ticking!

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Intrap Escape Room // 10355 82 Ave NW

Seriously, nobody enjoys being trapped! Especially when there are minutes to spare at the Intrap Escape Room on 82nd Ave. Each room is creative af and we are positive that you and the squad will have no problem choosing one that intrigues you.

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GTFO Escape Entertainment // 10018 105 St NW

Take the above name and use it to your advantage! Take part in a live action adventure game where you get to use common logic and apply it to your surroundings. Hurry up, for time is running out!


Eescape // 10132 105 St NW

Do you have what it takes to escape from Eescape? If so, sign up on their website, right this second!

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SmartyPantz Escape Rooms // 10524 110 St NW

Are you a smartypantz? If so, why not put it to the ultimate test by hitting up SmartyPantz in Edmonton. Here you can choose from one of four rooms where you can put your team building skills to the test. Great activity to do with friends, family, and even co-workers.

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The X Realm Escape Game // 12060 Jasper Ave

Explore your surroundings, solve a few puzzles, find clues, and unlock each step. Where? At the X Realm Escape Game, duh!

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Breakout Entertainment // 6111 101 Ave

At Breakout Entertainment, players are placed in real-life situations where they must use only the elements of the room to escape. Intelligence and reasoning is required!

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EXIT Edmonton Escape Room // 10534 82 Ave NW

Located on82nd street, you'll definitely want to be making your grand exit after you successfully complete their escape courses. With different themes to choose from, you'll be ready for the ultimate escape challenge!

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Time Escape // 10939 120 Street NW

The best part about this escape room is that you get to choose from a variety of themes. Themes such as Castle Secrets, The Imperial Palace, Lethal Virus, Spaceship Mysteries and Time Warp. Can we get a YASS?!

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Thrillscape // 15397 117 Ave NW

Escape from reality for a bit, thanks to Thrillscape! Among the rooms to choose from are Break & Enter, Jailbreak, Harvester Hotel, and many more! Be sure to round up the gang!

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Logic Lock // 10336 Jasper Ave NW

Put your logic to the ultimate test at Logic Lock on Jasper Ave. With 45 minutes to spare, uncover mysteries and clues so that you and your team can make the ultimate escape

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