Everyone knows that Whyte Ave is one of Edmonton's most popular destinations. It's especially known for it's insane variety of bars and pubs, that are perfect for a night out on the town.

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What if you don't drink, though? Well that's more than okay! Whyte Ave has so much more to offer than craft beer and cheap cocktails. The Old Strathcona district is full of culture, so your options are endless.

Food 🍔

Shopping 👠

Arts & Entertainment 🎭

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Food 🍔

1. DaDeO // 10548A 82 Ave

A classic 50's diner, serving classic New Orleans/Southern food.

2. Ampersand 27 // 10612 82 Ave

Local, upmarket foods, served in an artsy, modern space.

3. Cafe Mosaics // 10844 82 Ave

A vegetarian/vegan menu, perfect for all 3 meals.

4. Ragazzi Bistro Italiano // 8110 82 Ave

Authentic Italian pizza, right on Whyte Ave.

5. Block 1912 Cafe // 10361 82 Ave

A super cute coffee shop, serving the best gelato and baked goods.

6. Naan-O-Licious // 10331 82 Ave

Gourmet Indian food, and all the naan bread you can imagine, served in multiple delicious dishes.

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Shopping 👠

7. Mars & Venus // 10328 82 Ave

Eclectic clothing, to suit everyone's tastes; from pin-up to rock n' roll.

8. Foosh // 10544 82 Ave

Whyte Ave's freshest shoe store.

9. Glam Slam Clothiers Ltd. // 10422 82 Ave

Local Edmonton clothing store, specializing in denim, and your favourite, fashionable brands.

10. La Vie Lente Fashion // 10514 82 Ave

Indie, retro, and and vintage fashion, all at an affordable price.

11. Junque Cellar // 10442 82 Ave

Your #1 stop for antiques on Whyte Ave.

12. Poppy Barley // 10822 82 Ave

High-fashion, cute shoes, that won't break your feet, or your bank account.

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Arts & Entertainment 🎭

13. Princess Theatre // 10337 82 Ave

A two-screen, art-house cinema, playing unique and classic movies.

14. Club 82 // 10551 82 Ave

You don't need to drink to have fun at the club. Club 82 is one of Edmonton's best spots for hip hop music.

15. EXIT Edmonton Escape // 10534 82 Ave

Another Escape Room to cross off your bucket list. 

16. Sugar Swing Ballroom // 10019 80 Ave

Ever wanted to learn how to swing dance? Now's your chance.

17. The Forge on Whyte // 10549 82 Ave

Live music, of all genres, 6 days a week.

18. The Hexagon Board Game Cafe // 10123 82 Ave

For only $2.50/hour per person, you can have access to over 500 board games. 

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