Although January seemed to drag on forever, there's no doubt that February has flown by in the blink of an eye. Now a new month is upon us, and who knows how long March will last?! It seems that there's never enough hours in a day to get everything you want done, but if you plan accordingly, you just may get to see some cool things this month.

March is the month where you finally get to put away your winter coat, and dawn some lighter layers while embracing the warmer weather. It's not quite t-shirt and shorts weather yet, but that will be here before you know it! If the winter weather is what was keeping you cooped up inside, you no longer have an excuse to avoid exploring Edmonton!

If money is an issue, don't even worry. We know that a lot of activities in the big city can be costly, and it's easy to feel like you're missing out if you can't afford them. Not being able to participate in the expensive things doesn't mean you can't have any fun at all, though. If you look hard enough, there's plenty of free things to Indulge in around the city!

To save you some time, we've organized this thorough list of totally free things for you to add to your bucket list this March. We've got everything from free movies and concerts and parks to explore to insightful events and art galleries for you to admire! Get ready to have the best March ever!

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30. Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta on Tuesday or Wednesday nights

If you haven't already heard, the Art Gallery of Alberta offers free admission every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 5 - 8 p.m. This is the perfect opportunity to admire some gorgeous works for anyone who's struggling financially, like students!

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29. Take a walk through Mactaggart Sanctuary

If you're the kind of person who loves living in fairy tales, a walk in this park will make you feel as if you've been transported to an Enchanted Forrest. It's the perfect way to say hello to Spring, and brighten up your IG feed with some nature pictures.

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28. Play a game of giant checkers in Churchill Square

Sure, board games are fun! But playing a life-sized version is even more entertaining. Head down to Churchill Square and spend a day competing against all your favourite people in a game of checkers; winner buys a treat afterwards!

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27. Stay up late and snap some pictures of the Neon Sign Museum

March means the days are getting longer, so you have more time to enjoy the sunshine and daylight! If you're looking for something to do past dusk, though, Edmonton's infamous Neon Sign Museum is perfect! These unique signs light up the street, and are totally free to admire!

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26. Go people watching on Whyte Ave

Whyte Ave is a popular destination for Edmontonians and tourists alike, so you're bound to run into some interesting characters. Go window shopping, bring along your camera, and see what the city has to offer!

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25. Take a tour of the Alberta Legislature Building

Not only is this building super beautiful, you can also pick up a lot of knowledge during a tour there! Guided tours are totally free, or if that's not your style, you can take a tour by yourself and see what you discover!

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24. Go for a walk in Hawrelak Park

If you're hoping to get outside more this month, Hawrelak Park is the perfect place to start. Put in your headphones and blast some music while you go for a walk! It's a great way to clear your head and get some exercise.

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23. Have a picnic in Rundle Park

Going out for dinner all the time can get expensive, and a romantic picnic in the park with a loved one can be just as special! Pack all your favourite foods in a basket, grab a blanket, and sit down in your favourite park to enjoy a meal together.

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22. Explore the abandoned Edmonton General Hospital B-Wing

Rumor has it that the abandoned B-Wing of this hospital possesses the spirit of a mother searching for her children, and do this day it still reeks of death! People have also heard children crying and other creepy noises. If ghosts are your thing, you'll want to investigate ASAP.

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21. Explore Downtown Edmonton to get some amazing shots for your Instagram

Downtown is full of amazing sites, but in 2018 did you really see them if you didn't Instagram them? Go on a tour and don't forget your camera! You'll totally snap some amazing shots to keep your followers double tapping.

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20. Go for a jog through the River Valley

Edmontonians everywhere love the River Valley, for many different reasons. Not only does it provide amazing views of the city, it's also a great spot to go for a walk or jog when the snow melts!

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19. Get out of the city with a drive to Elk Island National Park

Banff and Jasper are overrated. Instead of driving to one of the touristy, popular National Parks, take a trip off the beaten path and spend a day at Elk Island National Park! You can do some exploring, take some pictures, and pack a picnic.

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18. Go for a skate on the Victoria Park IceWay before winter ends

Of course, we Albertans love to skate. There's no denying that. With spring, though, comes those warm chinooks that melt away all the ice and any signs of winter. You'll want to get in one last skate at the gorgeous Victoria Park IceWay while you have the chance!

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17. Go stargazing at the U of A Observatory

Thursday evenings offer a free stargazing session at the Observatory. Bring a date or roll solo; either way, you'll definitely see some gorgeous Edmonton nighttime sights.

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16. Bachata Vibes Class at Rhythms Studio

Dance lessons can be an expensive commitment, so why not try out this free Bachata Vibes class on March 9th at Rhythms Studio, and see what you think? You can try with a partner, or perhaps meet someone there! The event also gives people a chance to mingle with other Edmontonians.

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15. Catch Elephante at Knoxville's Tavern

Free shows aren't always easy to find, or even worth going to, but this one is going to be hype af. Elephante will be at Knoxville's on March 8th, and it's totally free as long as you get there before 10:30 p.m! The doors open at 9, so you'll have plenty of time to get inside and push your way to the front.

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14. Get ready to dance with Party Favour at Knoxville's Tavern

It seems that Knox is really holding it down with the free shows this month. Not only is this guy extremely talented, but I'm sure we're not the first ones to say that he's quite the sight for sore eyes. The free show will be held on March 9th, and again, it's only free until 10:30, so get there early!

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13. Clear your head with a Drop-In Meditation Session at Ripple Effects Wellness Centre

The power that meditation has is without a doubt seriously amazing, even just a few minutes a day can totally shift your mindset and put you in a more positive mood! This free drop-in session is being held on March 12th from 7 - 8 p.m., and is perfect for all levels!

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12. Hit the slopes one last time at Sunridge Ski Area

Every Monday in March, current members of the Sunridge Ski Area will be able to ski for free from 7 - 9 p.m. March is the last month to do this, before that warm weather hits, so you'll definitely want to get in as many trips to the slopes as you can!

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11. YEG4CPL Beer Launch at Arcadia

Who doesn't love free beer?! Come celebrate the launch of this CPL Branded Beer on March 2nd from 7 - 11 p.m. at Arcadia Bar. The event is totally free, but they ask that you RSVP at the link above to help out!

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10. Sweat with Mia West at Barre Body Studio

Ever wanted to try Barre class? Now you can, totally free of charge! This class with Mia West will be held on March 3rd from 2 - 3:30 p.m., and is the perfect opportunity for you to get a taste of Barre before committing to a full month of classes!

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9. CELAVIVE Launch Party at the Funky Buddha

If you haven't heard of CELAVIVE, you need to jump on the bandwagon ASAP. This new skincare line is the hottest of 2018, and will totally transform your complexion. Come hang out at the Funky Buddha on March 4th from 3 - 5 for skin care talk, refreshments, and a selfie booth!

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8. Watch Catching the Sun at Garneau Theatre

Have no plans for International Women's Day? Register for this event ASAP to secure yourself a seat at the Garneau Theatre's screening of Catching the Sun. The show will be on March 8th starting at 6:15, but you'll definitely want to arrive early.

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7. Live Music at Good Earth Coffeehouse

I'll never say no to free entertainment. On March 10th from 5:30 - 7:30. you'll find a variety of talented musicians from Planet Music School performing for you to enjoy while you sip on your coffee!

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6. Yoga for Beginners at Royal Gardens Community League

If yoga is something you've always wanted to try, this free class for beginners is the perfect place to start! It will be held on March 10th from 11:30 - 1 at the Royal Gardens Community League. Anyone over the age of seven is welcome to join, so bring some friends and get ready to learn!

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5. Try to solve your way out of Escape MacEwan

For anyone who loves escape rooms but hates the cost, this is the event for you! This pop-up escape room features a ton of group activities that will help you work better in teams. The pop-up will be open from March 12th - 16th in Building 5.

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4. The NOA Artwalk at The Enjoy Centre

If you're a lover of local art, this event should be high up on your radar! Head to the super cool Enjoy Centre on March 18th from 10 - 4 to admire a ton of local artwork and meet other likeminded Edmontonians! Admission is totally free.

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3. Watch Dream, Girl at MacEwan University

Dream, Girl is a documentary film, all about celebrating the incredible stories of five female entrepreneurs. This event will definitely amp up your #GRLPWR and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

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2. Go window shopping in West Ed

A day at the mall doesn't always require spending money. It can be a lot of fun to simply go window shopping and try on all the clothes that you wish you could afford! And if you're a shopaholic like me, serious props if you can make it through the day without spending anything.

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1. Snap some pictures outside of the Muttart

If you don't want to pay to get inside the Muttart, you can still take some super cool pictures from outside, especially at night. Some of the best views of the downtown skyline can be seen from here!

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