Some museums are boring. There, we said it. If you don't have the time, patience, or money to spend the day at a local museum, you're not alone. But, it can still be fun to get a little dose of culture and history once in a while. Thankfully, this Edmonton Neon Sign Museum flips the formula and presents history through a series of bright neon signs. 

If you love the sparkle and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip but you're not hopping on a plane anytime soon, then this Edmonton attraction might just be the next best thing. 

The interesting thing about this "museum" is that it's all on the outside of a building. There's no actual "museum" to step into. 

The City of Edmonton's website explains that the neon signs have been collected and compiled by volunteers from the City of Edmonton Heritage Planning. They went around the city and uncovered vintage signs from old, demolished buildings. 

So, there seems to be an upside to exploring old, creepy Edmonton destinations

Explore Edmonton explains that the signage industry is moving away from neon signs since neon is expensive. 

Yet there is something so bright, unique and dazzling about these signs. We have the volunteers to thank for digging up the goods, restoring them, and placing them in the heart of Edmonton's downtown

According to the city, the display began with eight signs. But the number has slowly increased and now the whole museum features 20 neon signs representing Edmonton's rich and fascinating history. 

The museum is located on the east wall of the TELUS building and the south wall of the Mercer Warehouse building, right on 104 Street and 104 Avenue. 

It's an outdoor museum, so you could easily catch the signs while you stroll by. 

Oh, and it's totally free. 

The city stated that they are still looking for additional neon signs from the Edmonton area to add to the existing collection. The museum was established as part of the city's ongoing efforts to "revitalize 104 Street".

They want to continue preserving the block, which is known for having a lot of "historical character" within the city. 

The signs were carefully chosen to fully represent the commercial signage "that was so prevalent in Edmonton's history." 

Some of the old, defunct businesses that are mentioned on the sensational neon signs include Call The Kettle Black, Colonel Mustard's Canteen, Mike's News, and The Art Store. 

If those zany names don't sound like the 1960s to you, we don't know what will. In fact, we're ready to go to Call The Kettle Black right this minute because we are hoping it's a tea shop.

Edmonton already has so many cool, surreal places, but this one is unexpectedly awesome and unique. 

Neon Sign Museum

Price: Free

Address: 104 Street NW. & 104 Avenue NW., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Catch the bright vintage neon signs that represent Edmonton's rich and intriguing history. 


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