No Europe, no problem. If you've recently spotted Old European-style buildings in downtown Edmonton, you're not dreaming. Manchester Square, an upcoming shopping plaza in Edmonton, will transport you straight to Amsterdam without any of the expensive airfare. 

Narcity spoke to Anton Morgulis, the founder of local property development group 76 Group Co., who've been building this unique complex for the last couple of years. 

"It was a little bit of a dream for the last five, six years to build a European complex where lifestyle is the main drive," he told us. 

He wants Edmontonians to walk on a "giant promenade," sit in adorable cafés by the water fountain, and support local businesses, much like what you'd do in the streets of Paris or Rome. 

Though the structure will be fully complete by early October, the company is still in the process of leasing out the units to local businesses.

So far, Arcadia Brewing Co. has come on board.

Morgulis told us that you can probably expect a bakery, clothing retail shop, coffee lounge, hair salon, and burger joint to set up shop in the coming months ahead. 

The number of businesses in the plaza will vary by size but a maximum of 24 can fit inside the complex. 

Just because the shops haven't opened up doesn't mean you can't visit the site and explore it to your heart's content. 

The old-timey building exteriors, the classic street lamps, the water fountain — these are some of the many elements that will make your experience so charming. 

The property developer said that other phenomenal additions are in the works, such as "rope lightning" covering the perimeter of the whole space, British phone booths, "a magic bench," starlights going from the parking lot to the building, and even Christmas functions.

They're also planning to transform one of their narrow alleys into an enclosed space, so people can stay warm during the winter while being on an outdoor street, said Morgulis. 

There are some more surprises in store but you will need to wait and watch for them. 

Morgulis told us that locals have already begun coming into the site, taking photos, and vicariously living out their European summer vacations through this colourful, exquisite plaza. 

His only advice to visitors is that they should respect the area and not break any rules.

Apparently, a couple of people have been vandalizing the walls and climbing on top of the structure, which has "disappointed" Morgulis. 

"Respect what we've done and not do silly things," he said. 

Manchester Square

Address: 12016 107 Ave. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: A charming shopping complex in downtown Edmonton that will send you straight to Europe circa the 1840s. 


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