Just because it is cold outside doesn't mean that all the fun is over. In fact, the long dark nights are perfect for one thing — watching movies! Edmonton's International Festival of Winter Cinema is coming back and you'll want to go no matter how frosty it is outside. You'll be able to visit a movie theatre made out of snow, and it is the most Canadian thing ever. 

The below zero temperatures we've been dealing with aren't the end of the world. For example, we have a candy shop that gives us a better deal the colder it gets.

The rest of the country is envious of our beautiful Ice Castles and even our Ice on Whyte where we can slip down on frozen slides.

Nothing is better than free, though. The budget-friendly International Festival of Winter Cinema is showing free movies over two weekends in February.

Unlike a regular theatre, the films are projected on a giant screen made out of snow. It's possibly the most Canadian way to watch a movie, maple syrup not included.

Within the Hawrelak Park, you'll be able to enjoy films, an ice bar, live music and much more.

Plus, the Silver Skate Festival is happening at the same time so you can pop over and check out both festivals at once.

This year, you can catch screenings of winter-related cinema as well as local Alberta productions from Friday, February 7 to Monday, February 17, 2020.

You'll want to bundle up in your warmest clothes and bring a blanket to keep you toasty. Plus, a thermos of hot chocolate isn't such a bad idea.

If you are curious about what the pop-up cinema will be playing in February, you'll need to visit their website. The full schedule will be announced shortly.

International Festival of Winter Cinema

Price: Free

When: Friday, February 7 to Monday, February 17, 2020

Address: Hawrelak Park, 9330 Groat Rd. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can watch free movies projected on a giant snowbank.

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