When trying to plan a first date with someone, often times the easiest suggestion can seem to be going out for a few drinks. Admittedly, talking to someone after a peach bellini (or three) is definitely a lot less nerve-wracking, but what do you do when you're planning a date with someone who doesn't drink?!

Your first instinct may be to think that you're out of options but trust me, that's not the case at all; in fact, the exact opposite is true! While alcohol may help take the edge off, you definitely don't need it to have fun. Don't panic - we've got you covered with plenty of awesome and unique date night suggestions!

Nowadays, it seems as though most people meet via Tinder, Instagram, or one of the other many popular social media platforms. When you're planning a date with someone who you barely know, sometimes it can be tough to make plans that will really WOW them and get you that second date. Prior to picking a spot, try and figure out some of their interests, if you can!

Maybe they're a total history nerd, and would love nothing more than a trip to the museum! Or maybe they're totally hilarious and could school your ass in a game of Cards Against Humanity at a board game cafe. These are the kinds of things you don't find out on an average chat shared over a few drinks. Switch things up this fall, and take your date out for a night they definitely won't forget:

Take a cooking class at Sorrentino's

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One of my personal favourite quotes ever is, "you should learn how to cook because neither feminism nor sexism will save you when you're hungry." Why not make learning to cook more fun by turning it into a date night? If you want to get outside of the kitchen and pick up some tips from the pros, be sure to pop by Sorrentino's for a lesson! They offer plenty of different classes, from classic East Coast favourites to Indonesian, and everything in between. Cook up your favourite dish or find a new favourite for the two of you to enjoy.

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Play a few rounds at Table Top Cafe

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Night out at the club not for you? What about a night out at the Board Game Cafe? Table Top has an awesome selection of games for you to play, including old favourites like Candy Land, classic party games like Cards Against Humanity, and hundreds of others that you may not have even heard of, but will totally have a blast playing. Besides having an abundance of board games, they've also got a great menu including snacks like Kettle Chips, Nachos, Carrot Cake, and much, much more.

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Catch an improv show at The Citadel Theatre

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Fridays and Saturday nights are usually reserved for going drinking and dancing at the club, but if that's not your scene, you can always check out some live entertainment at the Citadel Theatre! They often have hilarious improv shows on weekends that will have you laughing your ass off and give you a chance to get to know some of the amazing local talents that Edmonton has to offer. This is definitely a great first date idea, especially if you're feeling a bit awkward. Leave the talking to the improv artists so you and your date can sit back, relax, and spend the whole night laughing.

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Warm up with a latte from The Tea Girl

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If you're not into drinking vodka slimes, you can still take your date out to sip on a cup of tea or a chai latte! The Tea Girl is one of the best spots to go for hot drinks in Edmonton - their tea selection will blow your mind. They have over 150 flavours for you to try, including Whites, Greens, and Rooibos, among others. A simple tea date is a great way to get to know someone and keep things super casual, and the Tea Girl provides the perfect venue.

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Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta

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If your date is the artsy type, you can never go wrong with a trip to the Art Gallery of Alberta. They frequently update their exhibits, so you'll be able to pop back in often to explore and admire the amazing works, and expand your knowledge. The museum isn't too costly to visit, but if money is an issue, you can get in to the AGA for FREE if you're a university student, as well as on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 5 - 8 p.m.!

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Check out a movie at the Edmonton Short Film Festival

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It's that time of year again! The Edmonton Short Film Festival is back, and better than ever. If you want to support local talent and make sure your date is highly entertained, we recommend catching a film or two during the festival! This year, the ESFF has stepped up their game, and included some Virtual Reality short films - talk about a super unique experience! This year's festival is being held on October 13th, so be sure to save the date and get your tickets ASAP!

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Play 'Name that Tune' at The Rec Room

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The Rec Room is known to a place full of fun for adults, and while many who visit choose to indulge in a few drinks, it's definitely not required to have a good time! The Rec Room regularly hosts many fun events, including trivia nights, karaoke, and live entertainment! Through the month of October, they'll be having weekly 'Name That Tune' events, where teams compete against one another to name popular songs and artists. There's no cost to play, and it definitely sounds like some fun competition!

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Yoga and Tacos at El Cortez

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Everyone knows that if you're looking for tacos in Edmonton, El Cortez is one of the best spots to hit up. They're also known for their tequila, but if you don't drink, that doesn't matter! On October 18th, not only can you enjoy some delicious tacos at El Cortez - you can also get your stretch on and partake in a super relaxing yoga night! Tickets are just $25 and include a 45-minute class and two tacos of your choice. Sounds like a night that your date won't soon forget!

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Check out the all new Royal Alberta Museum

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In case you've forgotten, the all-new Royal Alberta Museum finally opens to the public on October 3rd! We're so excited to see all the new exhibits - and your date just might be too! Seeing as it's the largest museum in Western Canada, there's no denying that there's plenty for the two of you to explore and learn about. Not only are the exhibits super cool, the museum itself is also a work of art, so be sure to stop and appreciate the architecture during your visit.

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Adults Only Night at Telus World of Science

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Telus World of Science is fun on a regular day, but their Adults Only nights are something special. On October 18th, you and your date can learn all about the Science of Cannabis! Whether you smoke it or not, there's no denying it would be interesting to learn all about the effects of cannabis and tons of other fun facts. Tickets are just $18 for members of the science centre, or $27 for the general public! The Adults Only nights are known for their great live entertainment as well, so you'll definitely get some bang for your buck.

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Take a dance lesson at Sugar Swing Ballroom

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Every Friday and Saturday evening, Sugar Swing Ballroom hosts some super fun social dance nights where you can impress your date with your best dance moves. If you're out of practice, Sugar Swing also offers lessons prior to the social dance night beginning. All levels of experience are welcome to come and learn some new moves, or teach others some of their own! Even if you don't end up dancing, it's still a ton of fun to go and watch - but we can almost guarantee you won't be able to sit still.

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Rent a segway from River Valley Adventure Co.

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It will soon be too cold to stroll along the River Valley Trails, but if you rent Segways from River Valley Adventure Co., you and your date can take in all the same stunning views and be stuck out in the cold for much less time. Plus, after watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop, who hasn't wanted to take a ride on one of these guys?! After a few hours of exploring, be sure to hit up your favourite coffee shop to warm up with a latte and some baked goods!

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Feeling less nervous about your date planning skills now? Let this list be your guide to ensure you're ready to take on cuffing szn like a pro. Your date is sure to be impressed by any of these totally unique ideas, and the two of you will have a ton of fun while getting to know one another. You're welcome, love birds! ūüėČ

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