Just because fall is nearing its end doesn't mean patio season is over in Edmonton. 

A café named Little Brick just announced on Friday, October 1, that they've set up a winter patio in Edmonton for the season. 

Complete with "outdoor tented seating" and heaters, this patio will keep you warm and comfy as the temperatures dive towards the negatives. 

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You can still walk your doggo or ride your bike down to the cafe and be protected from the elements this winter.

Little Brick

The massive tent was set up by a company called EJH Events Ltd, according to the café

Little Brick isn't just a whimsical café that serves up some mouthwatering breakfast foods and pastries. 

They also function as a general store, selling items ranging from household goods to adorable games and novelty items. 

Their patio is a well-known destination among locals in the summer, so it's only fair that the outdoor experience remains intact over the frosty winters. 

The place is located just east of downtown Edmonton in a neighbourhood called Riverdale. It doesn't get cuter than that if you ask us. 

Little Brick

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Café

Address: 10004 90 St., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy a winter-ready patio experience that will protect you from the elements and treat you to epic mimosas. 

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