They might look a bit like they stepped out of Whoville, but the competitors in the frozen hair contest in Canada are indeed human. In Whitehorse, Yukon each winter you can join in the frozen hairdo contest for a chance to win a cash prize of $750. What's more Candian than doing something weird out in the freezing cold?

You can find the Takhini Hot Pools hot springs up north about a 30-hour drive from Vancouver.

Anyone planning a road trip or looking for a wild adventure next year has to put this place on their winter bucket list.

You have to be able to brave the cold to join in. It has to be at least minus 20 degrees for hair to freeze enough.

Once you've journeyed up north all you have to do is get yourself into the hot springs. They're super affordable so there's no extravagant cost involved.

Once you've dipped into the hot springs, then you have to freeze your hair. To be eligible for the contest, your hair should all be frosty white, no half-frozen 'dos allowed.

Then, take a high-res photo, fill out the form at the front desk and hope that you're frozen look is impressive enough to win.

There are four categories you can compete in: best male photo, best female photo, most creative photo and best group photo with two or more people.

The winners of each category will take home $750 with a 30 Soak Membership thrown in.

Here's How You Can Freeze Your Hair

You can get the frosted tips look by following these steps. Frozen hair doesn't crack or snap off, either, so there's no harm or damage. 

1. Dunk your head in the water when it's at least - 20 and get your hair all wet

2. Let your hair freeze in the cold air (your eyelashes and eyebrows will freeze, too)

3. Keep your ears warm with the hot water while your hair freezes

4. Wait until your hair starts to freeze and shape it into a wild shape

5. Wait until it freezes more and turns totally frosty white

6. Take pics

7. Defrost by dunking your head again, it will instantly melt back to normal


While the contest usually runs during the Sourdough Rendezvous in February, you can enter in a picture taken from any time in the winter as long as it was cold enough to freeze your hair.

The International Hair Freezing Contest

Price: Regular adult admission $12.50

When: From Friday, February 7 to Sunday, February 23, 2020

Address: Takhini Hot Pools, Whitehorse, Yukon

Why You Need To Go: Compete in the hair freezing contest for your chance to win a $750 prize.

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