Prospective pirates beware. There's buried booty hidden across the province just waiting to be found. This year's GoldHunt in Alberta guarantees thousands of dollars in gold and silver to the wittiest treasure hunters out there. The search begins later in late June 2020, so assemble your crew and hoist the black flag.

Real gold and silver coins worth $100,000 in total have been hidden in two treasure chests around Edmonton and Calgary. One pirate (or pirate crew) clever enough to solve a string of clues will strike it rich with a $50,000 grand prize per city, according to GoldHunt.

The rules are simple. Get yourself a pirate map and start searching as soon as Saturday, June 20. Maps go for $25 a pop, or $35 with extra clues attached.

You can search by yourself or with a team of up to four players. The map will lead you all around the city where you'll find clues and answers to their riddles. If you answer every riddle correctly, you'll get entered to answer their final riddle for the jackpot.

However, due to the pandemic, organizers say players should follow the social distancing guidelines, try not to touch anything while hunting, wash hands frequently, and more.

At the same time, they also encourage players to work with each other over Zoom or other virtual platforms.

"Please pirates, use your best judgement while hunting for Gold & Silver," they write. Narcity reached GoldHunt for comment and will update this article.

There's a bunch of practice clues and puzzles posted on their social media. Some are photos of famous buildings of locations in the cities, while others are more traditional riddles with the answer being a certain spot in the city.

They've done the treasure hunt before โ€” last year, they hid three treasure chests worth $100,000 each all over Canada, with spots in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

There's only a limited number of maps available, so make sure to get yours soon. If the last few hunts are anything to go by, the treasures get found fast โ€” the race is on.

GoldHunt Alberta

Price: $25 to $35

When: Starting Saturday, June 20

Address: Calgary and Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Go on a wild treasure-seeking adventure all over town for a prize of real gold and silver.

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