Staying Active in the winter can be tough because,'s cold out there! But with a little inspiration, a hat, and some mitts, you'll be happy to leave the couch and go on an outdoor adventure.

We've researched some winter friendly trails and scenic winter walks all over the HRM that will help you stay active and busy this winter. So grab your furry friends or significant other and check out some of these winter wonderlands.

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1. Point Pleasant Park

Right on the ocean, this park has great scenery and different paths to immerse yourself in the woods or just take a walk by the water, along with historical landmarks. Located in the South End of Halifax it's close enough to the city, you don't have an excuse not to go.

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2. McIntosh Run Community Trail

Located in The north end of River Road in Spryfield, this trail is perfect for snowshoeing in the winter and even has a footbridge to walk over and enjoy the outdoors.

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3. Hemlock Ravine Park

Only 20 minutes from Downtown Halifax and on a bus route, Hemlock Ravine Park starts off with a heart shaped pond and has 3 loop trails. Also The high point of the park looks over the beautiful Bedford Basin. But you had me at the heart shaped pond...cute.

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4. Sir Sandford Fleming Park

Known to most because of the Dingle Tower, This park is on the North West Arm and is perfect for a winter stroll. While walking you can browse the snow covered homes on the other side of the arm that are some of the most extravagant properties in Halifax.

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5. Birch Cove Park

This Dartmouth Park offers a relaxing and comforting walk, Situated near Lake Banook.

6. Long Lake Provincial Park

With a lakeside view, rivers and other outdoor wonders, this park is a great place to bring your dog and wander through the vast terrain.

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7. Shubie Park

Shubie Park/Canal Greenway Corridor has a beautiful bridge to take great landscape photos on your romantic walk and is located off of Lock Road in Dartmouth.

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8. Dartmouth Waterfront

With the best bridge view, the Dartmouth Waterfront has tons of good spots to stop and enjoy the scenery of the city across the Halifax Harbour. You can also turn your walk into an adventure and take the Ferry across to the Halifax Boardwalk.

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9. The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail

This amazing trail is for the adventure seeker, with lots of rock beds and scenic views this walk will have you in great shape and give you a reason to love winter.

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10. The Halifax Commons

The walk with the most going on, the commons is located in the heart of Halifax and has the Emera Oval where you can rent free skates, a skate park and many baseball fields...perfect for all types of outdoor fun.

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11. Halifax Boardwalk

The list wouldn't be complete without including the one and only Halifax Boardwalk. This popular walk is just as good in the winter as it is in the summer, with views of the snow-covered city of Dartmouth and George's Island, you can stop in at the Seaport Farmers Market at the end of your walk to get a hot cup of locally sourced coffee, tea, apple cider, hot chocolate and more!

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12. Blue Mountain Wilderness Reserve

Only half an hour outside of Halifax lies Blue Mountain, part of the winding trails and diverse landscape that make up the stunning Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area.  This stunning region near Timberlea is a massive natural oasis just outside the city limits, and is perfect for both a short day trip to walk the dog or an ambitious hiking adventure.

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