Halifax weather is the definition of leave the house in the morning dressed for winter, than strip down mid day because you're sweating buckets. This feeling is maximized as fall rolls around. But just because the calendar says fall is here, doesn't mean that you have to accept it!

Make the best out of those 'sweating buckets' hours of the day by acting like it's still summer while doing some fun activities that are still hanging around in Halifornia. 

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Surfing at Lawrencetown Beach

There's no better time to harass the one roommate in your house with a car than now. Your last few weeks to hit up Lawrencetown Beach while the weather is still decent are ticking away!

Stillwell Beergarden 

Fall is here which means that patio season is ending and Pumpkin Spice Latte season is creeping in. Before that happens, hit up Stillwell's Beergarden before it closes!

Take a Ride on the Ferry

Taking a ride on the Ferry never really goes out of season, but it's so much more enjoyable when the weather is nice.

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Visit Chocolate Lake

... So you might not get to sport your little polka dot bikini at the beach anymore, but you can definitely still catch some rays and gts with friends here.

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Go Canoeing or Kayaking at the St Mary's Boat Club

If you've got a few hours to spare, it's definitely worth it to check out the free canoeing and kayaking at the St Mary's Boat Club.

Go hiking or biking in Point Pleasant Park

If the idea of hiking gives you anxiety, you can always rent a bike for free from Dal and pedal through Point Pleasant. Or you can ditch all signs of physical activity and go Point Pleasant Park just to play with dogs at the dog park.

Be a Tourist for the day and take in what the boardwalk has to offer

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with being touristy especially when it includes Beaver Tails and a beautiful view of the ocean. And while you're down there, you might as well take a pic on the wave.

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8. Go to the farmers market and chill on the rooftop

Spend the day browsing local vendors at the farmer's. Then finish the day by stuffing your face with the food you bought on the rooftop patio.

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9. Rollerblading at the Oval

Believe it or not, but you can rent rollerblades at the Oval for free. To top it all off they even have those super retro 4 wheel rollerblades.

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Bake in the Public Oven in Dartmouth

Does it get anymore neighbourly than baking in a public outdoor oven? I don't think so.

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Brunch on the Patio at Maxwell's

If you haven't already been to Maxwell's on a Saturday afternoon then you're missing out on a $2.99 fully loaded brunch deal. Seeing as brunch is so cheap here, you might as well splurge on a Brewtender of Strongbow to start the weekend off right.

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H2O Golf

There is literally a floating golf green in the Halifax Harbour right now! If you happen to be one of the lucky handful that sinks a hole in one, you could have a chance to win  car!

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Garrison Patio

Craft beer tasting starts at just $2 here... Need I say more? 

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