Being a kid was so easy!  People gave you drives wherever you needed to go and birthday parties were never followed by crippling hangovers…

Next time you’re crunching for exam season or get stressed out with work, bring some friends together and try one of these super nostalgic activities to relive the carefree days of childhood.

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1. Bowlarama // 3459 Desmond Avenue

Revisit a classic childhood birthday activity by striking out at Bowlarama!  Try cosmic bowling if you’re too cool for the traditional ten-pin, or head over to the Dartmouth location and try out their arcade room.

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2. Pong Social Club // 1741 Grafton Street

Live out the glory of your youth and visit this massive new table tennis facility located above Cheers on Grafton Street.  Bring your friends and grab a couple beers – maybe it’ll even improve your game!

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3. Atlantic Playland // 1200 Lucasville Road

For the full carnival experience that you loved as a kid, drive out to Atlantic Playland this summer and try out their waterslides, carousel, Ferris wheel, mini golf crouse, haunted castle and much more.

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4. Get Air Nova Scotia // 612 Windmill Road

Swing by this indoor trampoline park in Dartmouth and bounce around for a super fun workout that will take you back to your childhood days. I also highly recommend playing dodgeball because it turn’s out it’s a way better game on trampolines.

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5. Area 51 Gaming Lounge // 5992 Spring Garden Road 

Relive your pro gamer days at this Spring Garden studio, and take advantage of all the awesome Xbox, PC and Playstation games Area 51 has collected over the years.

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6. Sweet Jane’s // 1300 Queen Street

Ride your sugar high out at this old-fashioned candy shop, located right in downtown Halifax.  Sample chocolate and liquorice from all over the world from amongst the massive variety of products available at Sweet Jane’s.

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7. The Discovery Centre // 1215 Lower Water Street

This February will mark the long-awaited opening of Halifax’s brand new Discovery Centre, a fully renovated version of the former Barrington Street science centre that you loved as a kid.  Come February get your hands dirty with experiments and activities at this modern, revamped facility.

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8. Go Carting // 66 Otter Lake Court

Race your buddies at Kartbahn Racing in Bayer’s Lake for a chance to prove once and for all that you are the fastest and most furious amongst them.  Even though you’re likely old enough to drive a normal sized vehicle, drifting in these tiny cars can still pretty fun.

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9. Selfie with Theodore // 1751 Lower Water Street

Next time you’re down by the waterfront grab a selfie with Canada’s most famous tugboat, for old times’ sake.

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