Oh, well would you look at that - yet another cool and epic thing happening in the Hammer! *cue evil laugh.* That’s right, my hometown city has done it again, and no it's not what you're thinking; it’s definitely not another delicious restaurant recently added to our food scene. We have enough of those. Pfft.

Located on the corner of James St. South and Jackson St. West, the city is hosting a light tunnel takeover in the downtown core. With over 100 lanterns scattered over 100-feet, this strip of lanterns is the ultimate addition to Hamilton’s acclaimed art scene!

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Designed by Vietnamese developer Hue Developments, this lovely installation of lanterns is made up of various different shapes, colours, and material. For the month of February, it can make your walks home a little bit more special, and could perhaps be the perfect end to your Valentine’s Day date . . . *wink wink, nudge nudge.*

Beginning every night at 5 pm, the tunnel is expected to illuminate throughout the entire month, so get your Instagram shots quick!

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For more info, check out this website!

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