Calling all hikers. There is a hike right here in B.C. that will make you feel like you're on top of the world. Mount Cheam is a nine-kilometre hike near Chilliwack that will make all your flying dreams come true. While you may not be souring through the air, you'll feel like a bird with these mountain top views. 

B.C. has some of the best mountains around but why admire them from the ground level when you could climb to the top?

Mount Cheam near Chilliwack is the perfect hike to take on if you're looking for a mix of good cardio and even better views. 

Located along the highway to Chilliwack Lake, this hike is considered to be intermediate so be sure to come repaired. 

The nine-kilometre distance should take you about four and a half hours to complete. But like every other hike in the province, take your time. 

There are tons of things to see along the way and it’s better to get up to the top safe versus fast. 

The trail itself is dog friendly so if your furry friend is going a little stir crazy then this might be the perfect fix. 

Getting to the top is what this hike is all about. 

When you reach the peak be prepared for literally 360 degrees of panoramic views. 

You’ll get a birds-eye view of gorgeous surrounding locations including Chilliwack, the Fraser River, Jones Lake, and Mount Baker.

And that’s just to name a view. 

Of course, you will also get views of the surrounding mountain tops which are gorgeous at any time of the year. 

The best time to take this trail head-on is during the summer months. That way you know you'll have good weather and there'll be no slippery snow on the trail. 

We suggest taking lots of water, snacks, and maybe a blanket. Sit at the top and take in the views from every angle. 

Just be careful when you're at the top. Remember, you’re at a mountain peak and it can be dangerous. 

Be cautious of your footing and always stay on the path. 

Mount Cheam 

Address: Chilliwack, BC

Why You Need To Go: There's no better adrenaline rush then feeling like you're on top of the world. Plus, the sweat you'll get during your climb is better than any spin class in town. 

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