Calling all nature lovers! You'll soon be able to get outdoors and explore Parks Canada gems. National parks reopening in Canada at the beginning of June so that people can use trails and green spaces.

On May 14, the Prime Minister announced the good news during his daily press conference.

He noted that with the long weekend coming up, people want to get outdoors but they might not be able to.

"It will be different than normal because lots of places, including our national parks, are still closed," Justin Trudeau said.

However, that won't be the case forever because Canadians have been doing the right things during this pandemic.

"As of the beginning of June, some national parks will be partially reopening," the Liberal leader announced.

That will allow people to visit parks in their area to use trails and other green spaces where physical distancing is possible. 

"Getting fresh air is important but we all have to be responsible about it," Trudeau said.

So, not every single park will be open again come June 1 because places across Canada are at various stages of this pandemic.

"There will be different phases or different steps in reopening national parks across the country," he said.

Canada will try to align reopenings with what nearby provincial parks are doing so that it's clearer for people about what they can do outdoors in their region.

The PM also noted that parks in the northern regions won't be letting in visitors any time soon.

"Certain parks that are in close proximity to indigenous communities will take a little longer to open up because of vulnerabilities," he said.

"You can't prevent Canadians from going outside when the weather is nice, you just have to help them to do it safely," Trudeau noted.

Some places in Canada have announced the opening of provincial parks like B.C. and Ontario.

More details about exactly which national parks will be reopening in June are expected to be announced in the coming week.

Parks Canada confirmed the news in an Instagram post saying that daytime use areas, lakes and waterways in the parks will also be included in the reopening. 

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