It turns out that friends and family aren't the only ones you can virtually visit. This donkey sanctuary in Ontario has tons of furry residents, and you can meet them without leaving your house. The establishment has just launched a new live video series that will transport you to the countryside. Ontario's Donkey Sanctuary virtual visits are the cutest ways to spend your weekend.

Put on your straw hats and rubber boots and get ready for a trip to this adorable farm.

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, located in Puslinch, Ontario, provides vulnerable animals with a safe, peaceful home to live out the rest of their days.

The non-for-profit organization takes in donkeys, mules and hinnies who are unwanted, neglected or are unable to be cared for. 

The sanctuary is usually open to the public to visit, however,  the farm has closed its doors for the time being. 

While you can't visit these furry friends in person, you can still get your cuteness fill by tuning in to the new Virtual Open Days. 

The live video visits allow guests to have an up-close experience with the farm's residents.

The series will bring viewers behind the scenes and give them a unique glimpse at the sanctuary life.

The weekly virtual event rotates through five groups of donkeys, hinnies and mules. 

You'll get to hear background stories on individual animals, learn some interesting facts, and find out about each one's special personality.

The Event Coordinator will be available to answer questions during the visits.

The Virtual Open Days run every Sunday at 10 a.m. There is a $10 minimum donation required to participate in the event.

If you're ready for some cuteness, you can sign up on the sanctuary's website.

Other farms in Ontario are also offering some virtual animal visits.

From zoom calls with alpacas to live wolf cams, you can fill your days with so many adorable critters.

Take a trip to this donkey sanctuary without putting your shoes on with the new Virtual Open Days.

Virtual Open Days

Price: $10 minimum donation

When: Sundays at 10 a.m.

Address: 6981 Conc. 4, Puslinch, ON

Why You Need To Go: Visit some adorable fluffy donkeys without leaving your home!

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