Sometimes you just want to get drunk. But you don't want to go out to a bar, or you just want a girls night that doesn't require a ton of energy. The definition of classy drunk is when you're over going out to bars, but you still want to have a good time. It's also past the point of ordering just tequila shots to get drunk and actually trying delicious drinks that will soon be your favourite.

If you're over ordering a rum and Coke at dinner, then here are great options for you. You can tell a lot about a person by the drink they order, and it's always nice (and dangerous) to try a drink that doesn't taste like pure alcohol. So here are 10 places in Ottawa you can get classy drunk at! Please drink responsibly.

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1. Giovanni's Restaurant & Dining Lounge // 362 Preston Street

Drink recommendations: POM martini, ice wine martini, glass of rosé

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2. Mezzanotte Bistro Italiano // 50 Murray Street

Drink recommendations: Red wine sangria, pink champagne

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3. 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar & Café // 107 Fourth Avenue

Drink recommendations: Pimm's cup, pink lemon spritzer

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4. The Pomeroy House // 749 Bank Street

Drink recommendations:  Negroni, Rosemary's baby, chai bourbon

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5. Gezellig // 337 Richmond Road

Drink recommendations: Gezellig kir, rode bloem margarita

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6. The Buzz Restaurant // 374 Bank Street

Drink recommendations: Luscious lychee martini, gin & juice, torched cherry mojito

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7. Salt Dining + Lounge // 345 Preston Street

Drink recommendation: Mulled wine, stoli's mule, aroosa

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8. The Soca Kitchen // 93 Holland Avenue

Drink recommendation: Fusion passion fruit mojito, cucumber margarita

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9. Must Kitchen & Wine Bar //41 William Street

Drink recommendation: Dillon's rose martini, sidecar

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10. Fratelli // 275 Richmond Road

Drink recommendations: Tuscan spritzer, Italian soda

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