Yeah yeah yeah, Ottawa has a reputation for being boring AF, but to be honest, in these past few years Ottawa has really stepped it up. From bars with stunning views to cool beach shacks, Ottawa isn't boring at all if you know where to look. 

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Ottawa's reputation for being boring will always stay because we are the "government city", but we're a city full of hidden gems. There is actually so much stuff happening in Ottawa that will make the rest of Canada jealous. 

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Tavern On The Hill // 1223 Alexandra Bridge

Have some drinks while eating hot dogs with amazing views of Ottawa? Yes, please. This bar is definitely something the rest of Canada will envy. From comfortable couches to unreal views of Parliament, you can't have this anywhere else in Canada. 

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Mad Radish // Multiple Locations

This adorable salad bar is the first of it's kind in all of Canada. That's right, the same owner of David's Tea has opened a new salad bar that will likely become national, but never forget, it all started here in Ottawa. 

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Parliament Hill Yoga // Wellington St

I mean who else in Canada can say they've done yoga in front of the historic Parliament Buildings? Until August 30th, every Wednesday at 12 PM anyone can participate in yoga on the hill. 

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Kontinuum // 300 Sparks Street

This is the first underground sound and light show that's held in a metro station and yes, it's in Ottawa. This unreal light show was created to showcase Ottawa's LRT (Lyon Light Rail Transit) station to opening next year. It's a completely free event that will continue until September 14th.

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Gatineau Parks // Multiple Locations

Ottawa is super close to all of the amazing Gatineau Parks. We can head to these hiking trials whenever we want to and immerse ourselves in nature for the day. 

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau // Ottawa

Yes, be jealous. Trudeau and his family live in Ottawa. Whether you spot him outside of Parliament or see him taking a jog, Trudeau is usually out and about doing something here in Ottawa.

Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // Multiple Locations

This cafe in Ottawa is fully dedicated to macarons. From macaron milkshakes to macaron ice cream sandwiches, it's definitely something to envy if you don't live here. 

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Copper Spirits and Sights // 325 Dalhousie St

An amazing upscale bar that has some unreal views of Ottawa. Copper Spirits and Sights will have you and your friends feeling like you're in a movie! This bar is super unique and is only here in Ottawa. 

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The Diefenbunker Escape Room // 3929 Carp Rd

Yes, Ottawa has the world's largest escape room. The Diefenbunker is a museum by day and an epic escape room by night. It was created to house Canadian government officials and military officers in the event of a nuclear war and you can try to escape it only here in Ottawa. 

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La Catrina Churros Dessert Bar  // 105 Clarence St

An entire cafe that is dedicated to churros. Honestly, if your city doesn't have this you should immediately feel the envy. The menu is solely dedicated to different types of churros, YUM. 

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Mosaï Canada 150 //  285 Laurier St

These stunning sculptures can't be seen anywhere else in Canada. From amazing flowers, to super realistic sculptures the Mosaï Canada 150 is definitely something to be jealous of.

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