We do so much for the Gram. Let's just admit it.

Anyways, we all know that the best part of a latte is the art that comes with it. It's beautiful, intriguing and also mind blowing at the same time. It's hard to find a good latte these days, but it's even harder to find one that goes with your Instagram feed. I know, I hate myself for thinking that too.

But now, you don't have to look any further. Here are 13 of the most beautiful latte art in Ottawa that will go amazing on your Instagram feed. Oh, and they'll taste amazing AF too.


1. The Ministry of Coffee // Multiple Locations

Drinking your latte at The Ministry of Coffee will make you feel like you're in an Instagram pic in real life. Not only is the latte art beautiful, but the decor is so on point that you'll be able to snap that photo anywhere and have a bomb ass pic for the Gram.


2. Bridgehead Coffee // Multiple Locations

Bridgehead Coffee knows whats up when it comes to their latte art. They either use some sort of spice to go on top of the latte for a more subtle look, or they go full out and perfect that leaf like no other.


3. Origin Trade // 111 York Street

Origin Trade keeps up with the trends, so if you're looking for a basic AF but also cool AF latte art, come here. In the spirit of Halloween/fall, they started doing pumpkin latte art which just blows my mind. This is one you'll definitely need on your feed this fall.


4. Planet Coffee // 24 York Street

Planet Coffee keeps it simple with their latte art, but that's what makes it so appealing. You can trust them to make it just right for that Insta pic and it definitely helps that the latte itself is amazing as well.


5. Morning Owl // Multiple Locations

First off, Morning Owl has a Nutella latte. If the beautiful latte art doesn't suck you in, then that should. A Nutella latte + unreal latte art = the perfect cup of anything.


6. Bluebird Coffee // 261 Dalhousie Street

Bluebird Coffee has a unique twist on latte art, but it's still so beautiful. Their latte art is intriguing as well as confusing, but that doesn't take away from the taste and the uniqueness of it at all.


7. Art Is In Bakery // 250 City Centre Avenue #112

This latte art would be perfect to share with your date. Art Is In Bakery does more than just hearts for latte art, but the heart is my favourite. It's so simple but also adorable and of course, still mind boggling.


8. Café Cristal // 240 Kennevale Drive

Café Cristal also keeps it simple with their latte art, but it's so alluring. The latte is so beautiful that it makes you not even want to drink it. Alongside one of their desserts, your Instagram feed will thank you.


9. Oh So Good // 261 Richmond Road

Oh So Good is known for their desserts, however, their lattes should not be forgotten. Pick up a dessert, grab your latte and snap the perfect picture. Everyone will be jealous and you'll be indulging in the most amazing meal ever.


10. Quitters Coffee // 1523 Main Street South

Quitters Coffee has unreal latte art, and to make things even better, they supported the LGBTQ community this year during Pride Week and made rainbow latte art. Now, this is the definition of too pretty to drink.


11. Arlington Five // 5 Arlington Street

Just by looking at the picture above, you can tell that Arlington Five takes their latte art super seriously. If their lattes weren't Instagram worthy, then that adorable coffee shop of theirs definitely makes up for it. Good thing they both are.


12. Equator Coffee // Multiple Locations

Equator Coffee is another place that takes the simple route when it comes to latte art, but that of course doesn't mean it's not beautiful. Maybe I'm just a sucker for lattes that have hearts in them, but you can't tell me that's not Instagram worthy!


13. Happy Goat Coffee // 35 Laurel Street

Along with their amazing baked goods, Happy Goat Coffee has unreal lattes and latte art. They put a spin on the traditional leaf latte art, and make it stand out. Their coffee is also organic, so you can feel free to drink as many as you want... right?

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