Whether you're lactose intolerant, gluten free, vegan, etc., you know that pizza is the best food on earth. Pizza over everything, to say the least. It's not hard to find a good pizza place, but it's hard to know which ones to try first. There's so many different options to choose from–thin crust, thick crust, extra cheese, no cheese, what do anchovies taste like? It's almost impossible to narrow it down to one perfect pizza.

Pizza is perfect for literally any occasion. Anniversary, birthday dinner, post workout cheat meal, post breakup meal–pizza is always a good idea. It's the best comfort food and if you disagree... I can't even think of a witty comment for that. You just can't disagree. Our city is filled with big and little pizza restaurants that are the definition of mouthwatering, so why not try them all out? So grab a trusty friend and discover 13 of the best pizza restaurants to eat your feelings at.

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1. Tomaso Grilled Pizza & Panini // 450 Kanata Avenue

Tomaso Grilled Pizza & Panini is a family owned restaurant and it's a different pizza experience than most. They grill the crust before baking it, so it gives it an extra smokey flavour that adds to the already delicious thin crust pizza. All of their ingredients are fresh and flavourful, so those who are into a more healthy lifestyle will be in heaven.

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2. Crust and Crate Public House // 325 Marché Way #105

Crust and Crate can be described as a pizza pub that specializes in Al Forno style pizzas and lots and lots of beer. Their industrial looking restaurant is super laid back and the environment is great for a night out with friends. They have every kind of pizza you would ever want on the menu, so beware that it's hard to choose just one.

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3. Anthony's // 1218 Wellington Street West

Anthony's was named one of the great 12 pizza places in Canada worth travelling for by the Food NetworkThat's all I need to say.

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4. Fiazza Fresh Fired // 86 Murray Street

Only taking 180 seconds to get the pizza to the right level of fired, these signature pies are unique and always come out perfect. The flavour from their fresh ingredients is just a bonus but make the pizza more than you could ask for.

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5. Colonnade Pizza // Multiple Locations

Colonnade Pizza is a staple in Ottawa. It's the perfect twist between traditional takeout and gourmet dining. Having been around for almost 50 years, they know exactly what their customers want and it obviously works.

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6. Johnny Farina // 216 Elgin Street

Johnny Farina's is an Italian restaurant that creates amazing wood-oven pizza. Their pies taste authentic and they have a ton of gourmet options that will make you feel like you're in Italy.

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7. Louis Pizza // 181 McArthur Avenue

Louis Pizza is an adorable diner-looking pizza restaurant that is a must-try. It's very old school but that doesn't take away from the fact that their pizza is delicious and on point. If you're looking for a good thick crust and extremely cheesy pizza, this is the place to go.

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8. The Grand Pizzeria & Bar // 74 George Street

The Grand is probably Ottawa's most known pizza restaurant since it is right in the heart of the ByWard Market. Their pizza is everything you could want and more and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very warming. They also provide gluten-free crust so there is no excuse to not try their amazing pies.

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9. Tennessy Williems // 1082 Wellington Street West

Tennessy Williams uses all their ingredients from local farmers. Their pizza is as fresh as it gets, and you really feel spoiled when you eat here as their pizzas come in large portions (not complaining).

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10. La Favorita // 356 Preston Street

La Favorita has a long list of pizzas that will satisfy any craving. If you're really feeling fancy, they have a seafood pizza that includes clams, lobster, scallops and shrimp. This restaurant in Little Italy is the perfect place for a date night.

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11. Slice&Co. // 399 Elgin Street

Between deep dish and regular pies, Slice&Co. does it all right. This is the perfect place to share a pizza with a friend, and with their almost daily deals, you can always find a reason to grab a slice here.

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12. Bread and Sons Bakery // 195 Bank Street

Bread and Sons Bakery is an adorable bakery that sells delicious pizza with a side of espresso. Well, you don't have to order an espresso, but this cafe-like bakery has everything you'd ever want and they're available together. Pizza + coffee = love.

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13. Napolis Restaurant // 81 Richmond Road

Napolis Restaurant is a cute little restaurant in Westboro that doesn't look like anything special from the outside. However, when you step inside and taste the pizza, you're in a whole other world. Their pizza is a gourmet-delivery styled pizza, but one that you'll want to eat for days and days after.

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