I don't know about you, but to me, summer screams food trucks. Maybe that's because that's the only time most of them are open, but still! I think there is something quite special about ordering food out of a random truck, and having it in your hands a few minutes later. You can walk and eat, sit on a park bench and eat it, the world is your oyster when it comes to food trucks. 

Ottawa is crawling with food trucks, and they're all so different from each other. You don't have to try them all, but you should. Put it on your bucket list to try at least one food from each of these trucks! While all of them are super unique, you'll love all of them. From popsicles to pizza to poutine in a double decker bus, the options are endless!

Ad Mare Seafood

Where: 150 Slater St

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Type: Seafood

Ad Mare Seafood is a food truck that has a ton of options you'll die for. They have lobster rolls, fish tacos, and even lobster mac and cheese! All of your fav foods just made with a twist. 


The Blended Berry

Where: 298 Preston St

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Type: Acai Bowls/Smoothies

Acai bowls are all the hype these days. While you can find a few in store in Ottawa, nothing beats The Blended Berry. It's so worth the hype and you can pretty much customize it to your liking!


Nacho Cartel 

Where: 200 Wilbrod St

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Type: Nachos, Tacos and Milkshakes

Above is literally all they sell. Can you think of a better mix? If you're in the mood for Mexican and milkshakes, this is the place to be! While they have a ton of taco options as well as milkshake options, no matter what you choose you'll be satisfied. 


Angry Dragonz

Where: 300 River Road

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Type: Asian Fusion 

Angry Dragonz has been around since 2013, and they still haven't disappointed. Their an Asian fusion food truck that has so many insane options such as egg rolls, pad Thai, bulgogi and more!


Pizza All'Antica 

Where: 5527 Manotick Main St

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Type: Pizza

If you're looking for some fresh AF pizza, this is the spot! Pizza All'Antica has all kinds of pizzas that you're going to love, but they also have a Nutella pizza which is a game changer!


The Merry Dairy

Where: Moves Around

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Type: Ice Cream

While The Merry Dairy opened up a shop last year, they still have an adorable truck that floats around Ottawa! While you can check their website on where it will be, they have the most unreal frozen custard and ice cream that you'll definitely want to try. 


Burger Builder 

Where: 10 Frank Nighbor Pl 

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Type: Burgers

If you're a burger lover, then you need to stop by Burger Builder to build your perfect burger! For all of those with diet restrictions, it's paleo-friendly, can be made gluten free and it's dairy free. How amazing?!


Bite This

Where: 181 Richmond Rd

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Type: Random

When I say that Bite This is random, it just means that whatever you're craving, they will probably have it on the menu! They don't have a set menu, but you can count on all of their food to be delicious. 


Dumpling Park

Where: 538 Rochester St

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Type: Dumplings

Craving dumplings? No need to look further! Dumpling Park in Ottawa is located literally in a parking lot, but it's not as creepy as it sounds. It's the most beautiful area as they decked it out to look super cute with a flower mural and a white and mint green truck. The dumplings are to die for and the options are endless!


The Upper Deck Diner

Where: 3490 Innes Rd

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Type: Chip Wagon

Poutine, hot dogs, pogos, fried pickles, what more could you want?! The Upper Deck Dinre is an adorable chip wagon that's located in a double decker bus, so you can dine in style. They have amazing food that's perfect for on the go, or if you want to snap a cute pic too!


Gongfu Bao 

Where: 365 Bank St

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Type: Bao

If you've never had steamed buns before, also known as bao, then you're missing out. The fluffy and soft Chinese/Taiwanese dish is so so good, and they have other things to choose from as well such as wonton noodles and deep-fried mantou bites. 


Playa Del Popsical 

Where: 809 Bank St

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Type: Popsicles 

How adorable is this food truck?! While that's the only thing they sell, it's so original as this food truck is on a make-believe beach. It's hidden behind a shop but if you can find it, you'll never want to leave. They have a ton of different flavours so you'll definitely find one you love. 


Ottawa Streat Gourmet 

Where: Moves Around

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Type: Everything

If you love meaty, gourmet fast food, Ottawa Streat Gourmet is what you're looking for! They have a wide variety of options from rice bowls, to lobster mac and cheese, to grilled cheese. While it moves around, you can check on their website where they are each day or on their Facebook page!


La Ha Tacos 

Where: 1400 Youville Dr

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Type: Tacos

This place really only sells tacos and fresh chips and salsa, but sometimes that's all you need. La Ha Tacos was created in 2017, and they're back for another year which is so exciting. They have fish, pork, chicken, veggie and steak tacos. 


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