If you're planning a coffee date with friends or a homework session, finding a lowkey cafe can be a tough task. Starbucks and Timmies are both no-go's when it comes to reading or studying because you can barely hear your own voice most times.

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Whether you're looking for a silent cafe to study or a cute place to chill with friends, this list of 18 lowkey places will make your life easier. 

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The Morning Owl // Multiple Locations 

If you need a cafe that will fuel you with creativity this place if for you. With stunning wall art and organic direct trade coffee The Morning Owl is sure to fullfill your coffee needs. 

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Bluebird Coffee // 261 Dalhousie St

This cafe is super quiet for those looking to focus on some reading. All coffee at Bluebird is freshly roasted in store, so your freshly brewd cup of coffee will be genuinly fresh each time you visit.

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The Ministry of Coffee // Multiple Locations

Cute, small, and aestheically appealing. This cafe rotates their coffee's weekly from Canada's best roasters.  

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I Deal Coffee // 176 Dalhousie St

On the outskirts of the ByWard Market this quiet cafe is an Ottawa OG. They've been around for over 10 years! This cafe is very quiet making it easy to really get some sh*t done. 

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Origin Trade // 111 York Trade

This Ottawa gem is a spot locals dont want you to know aboutThis is a cozy cafe that reflects their love for Ottawa through their food and drink choices. 

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Aquatopia Conservatory // 2710 March Rd

Enter the largest indoor water garden in Eastern Ontario, and yes, this is a cafe. You'll feel completely secluded from the real world in this stunning glass conservatory. 

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Blumenstudio // 465 Parkdale Avenue

This hidden gem is an awesome cafe to sneak away to. Enjoy a coffee inside a floral shop! You'll be completely enclosed in fresh floral scents and surrounded by cute AF succulents. 

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Red Door Provisions // 117 Beechwood Ave

Let me start by saying that this cafe serves handmade poptarts. Ok now that the most important aspect has been mentioned I can move on. This cafe is brightly lit and has an extremely welcoming atmosphere. 

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Planet Coffee // 24 York St

Now during summer months this cafe can sometimes be packed, BUT if you sit inside rather than on the patio you're all set. This cafe is in the heart of the ByWard market and it's definitly worth a visit. 

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Quitters Coffee // 1523 Main Street South

Cafe by day, bar by night. This adorable cafe will make you feel at home as soon as you walk in. During summer months they also have a sweet patio!

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Café Morala // 734 Bank St

This cafe is very quaint, old-fashioned, and welcoming. As soon as you walk in you'll have home-y vibes making your visit comfortable and relaxed.

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Café Qui Pense // 204 Main St

The atmoshpere of this bright cafe is very calm and warm. If you're looking for a quiet place to read this cafe has got your back. The coffee is fresh and the service is wonderful. 

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Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar // 1073 Bank Street

The best word to describe this gem is COZY. The food and drinks available are all locally sourced and fresh. They serve vegan options for desserts and only use local roasteries for the coffee. 

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Cafe Cristal // 240 Kennevale Dr

If you're looking for a place to spill the tea, throw shade, and sip away this is 100% the place for you. Be treated like the royal you are at this beautiful cafe.

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Arlington Five // 5 Arlington Avenue

This cafe is instagram worthy inside and out. It's the perfect place to chill with some friends after a stressful day at school or work. 

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Uji Café // 215 Rideau St

This cafe is literally made for all the macha lovers out there. From macha cake to macha tea this cafe is sure to fullfill your macha needs. There are over 30 seats in the cafe so you're sure to find a spot.

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Union Street Kitchen Cafe // 42 Crichton St

This adorable cafe serves amazing coffee and delicious food. The minimal modern design will definitly treat your eyes and the yummy food will treat your tummy.

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Aroma Espresso Bar //  200 Marché Way

With so many seats you're sure to find a spot in Aroma Espresso Bar. In the heart of Lansdowne Park you can stop by after walking by the river and enjoying the weather. 

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