When you think of a city, you also think of what foods are the best there. Every city is different, and every city has different cultures that influence the foods people eat. In Ottawa, we're kind of all over the place. Yes, Downtown Ottawa is famous for the BeaverTail shack but we definitely have more to offer than just that. Although, I could eat BeaverTails for every meal... not sure about you.

Every corner you turn in Ottawa there's restaurant after restaurant, all completely different choices from the last. Sometimes it's hard to choose, especially if you're looking for a new place to try out but it can definitely get overwhelming. However, there are places in Ottawa you need to try at least once for one reason. So, here are 23 bucket list foods every Ottawan needs to try. There are plenty of options as well, for those picky eaters (I am one of them, so don't feel bad).

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1. The Ultimate Caesar // The Red Lion

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2. Sushi // Kinki Lounge & Kitchen

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3. Deli Sandwiches // La Bottega Nicastro

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4. Mac & Cheese // The Flying Banzini

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5. Burgers // Bite Burger House

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6. Big Mac Panino // Luigi Panini

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6. Dr. Pepper Pulled Chicken // The Foolish Chicken

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7. Poutine // Dunn’s Famous Deli

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8. Cake // Oh So Good Desserts & Coffee House

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9. Lobster Roll // Ad Mare

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10. Dim Sum // Yangtze Dining Lounge

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11. Seafood Pasta // Mezzanotte Bistro

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12. Corn On The Cob // El Camino

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13. Quinoa Onion Rings // Pure Kitchen

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14. Wood Oven Pizza // Tennessy Willems

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15. Macarons // Macarons et Madeleines

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16. Pancakes // Flapjack’s Canadian Diner

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17. Pho // Pho Thi Fusion

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18. Fish and Chips // Merivale Fish and Seafood Grill

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19. Eggs Benedict // Baker Street Café

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20. Pork Belly Nachos // Ola Cocina

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21. Churros // Burrito Borracho

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22. Bon Matin // Edgar

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23. Bao // Datsun

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