Since summer's still sticking around you may as well start checking off everything in the list of things to do before it snows. We all know once the snow hits the ground in Ottawa, it basically becomes hibernation season for most of us. 

From time to time in the winter we decide to brave the cold and do something, but once we head inside we automatically remember why we don't leave the house. Right now the weather isn't that bad, you can go outside for a whole day and come back in without any issues like wet socks or frozen fingers. It's time to take advantage of this fantastic round 2 of summer, here are 33 outdoorsy things you can do before the snow takes over!



Walking Paths

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Lusk Caves Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 12 km

Hemlock Bluff Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park

Distance: 3.5km (loop)

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King Mountain Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 1.9km

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Mount Marcy // New York

Distance: 24km

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Wilson Carbide Ruins // Gatineau Park

Distance: 3km

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Centennial Ridges Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park

Distance: 10.4km (loop)

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Luskville Falls Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 4.5km

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Booth's Rock Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park 

Distance: 5.1km (loop)

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Pink Lake Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 2.5km

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Lauriault Trail // Gatineau Park

Distance: 3km 

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Champlain Trail // Gatineau Park

Distance: 1.3 km

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Go pet some of your favourite animals at Parc Omega 

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Rent a canoe or kayak on Dow's Lake or the Rideau Canal

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Do something completely different and go horseback riding at Captiva Farms 

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Pick some delicious apples at Log Cabin Orchard

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Head to Arbraska Laflèche and be adventurous AF

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Embrace the last bits of summer sun at Morrison's Quarry 

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Take a swing at one of Ottawa's mini-putting courses 

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Pretend you're not in Ottawa and visit Princess Louise Falls

Head to Camp Fortune and attempt to finish their many arial trails

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Enjoy having popsicles in the sun before winter hits at Playa Del Popsical 

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Go for a sunset boat ride before the river freezes with Capital Cruises

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Walking Paths: 

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Rideau Canal Pathway // Downtown Ottawa

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Wakefield Covered Bridge // Chemin du Vieux-Pont

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Mer Bleue Bog // Ridge Road

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New Edinburgh Park // 193 Stanley Avenue

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Pine Grove Trail // Ottawa, ON

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Alexandra Bridge // Downtown Ottawa

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ByWard Market // Downtown Ottawa

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Stony Swamp // 4897 Old Richmond Road

Chapman Mills Conservation Area // 254 Winding Way

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Major's Hill Park // Mackenzie Ave

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Sarsaparilla Trail // Ottawa, ON

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