Lobster is hands down the best seafood out there. However, it's also the most expensive. Whether you've just started dating a seafood lover, or you've been in a relationship for a while, taking them out to places to get seafood that won't break the bank is hard. Maybe you don't only want to treat them when your anniversary comes around, or on a special occasion.

There are so many different variations of lobster dishes that you may have never heard or tried before. Lobster poutine? Who knew? Each of the restaurants picked below have a different dish that shows lobster in a different light. From a simple sandwich to a pricey lobster roll, I've tried to cover all the basis for you and your lobster loving partner.

Below are 8 great Ottawa spots you need to take a date if they love lobster. And don't worry, if there's only one seafood loving individual in your relationship, all of these restaurants offer plenty of other options besides fish.

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The Whalesbone Oyster House // 504a Kent Street

What to order: Lobster Risotto

This restaurant is known for its exceptional oysters. They have a limited menu, however they always have a few lobster options available. The atmosphere is relaxed and quaint, so the food speaks for itself. The lobster risotto is done perfectly without being overwhelming so any newbie to seafood would love it as well.

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The Shore Club // 11 Colonel By Drive

What to order: Canadian lobster tail

The Shore Club is the perfect spot for an anniversary dinner. It's elegant, and specializes in seafood and prime beef. A little on the expensive side so I recommend going for a special occasion. This simple lobster tail would make any seafood lover feel like they've never eaten it before.

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E18hteen // 18 York Street

What to order: Butter poached half lobster

A unique spot in the market, this restaurant is also great for a special occasion or if you just want to treat your SO. It's an upscale environment that will leave you and your date feeling like royalty. Their dishes are simple. yet the perfect amount of richness.

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Luxe Bistro // 47 York Street

What to order: Lobster poutine

If you're looking for an inexpensive yet fancy lobster dish, this is the perfect one. You can share it as an appetizer or enjoy it as a meal alone. They offer a lobster burger as well, so if you're feeling fancy you could order both!

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Pelican Fishery & Grill // 1500 Bank Street

What to order: Lobster roll

This restaurant has a seafood market attached to it, so you know it's the real deal. Their lobster roll is known for being one of the best and freshest in town. Not overly priced, but you absolutely get what you pay for which is delicious, authentic seafood.

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Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen & Bar // 18 York Street

What to order: Butter poached lobster with green curry

Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen & Bar offers a wide variety of options for vegans and meat lovers. If your SO loves seafood but you have different views, this is the place to be. They give a different spin on curry by adding lobster to it, which sounds odd but is extremely delectable.

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The Waverley // 339 Elgin Street

What to order: Lobster mac and cheese

A spin on a childhood favourite, this gourmet dish is a must try for lobster lovers. The flavours they add to the dish make it different than any mac and cheese you've ever had. And yes, you do get an actual lobster tail in your food.

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Luigi Panini // 1482 Merivale Road

What to order: Lobster melt

If you've never heard of or tried Luigi Panini... what are you doing? Especially the lobster melt panini. What seems like such a simple sandwich is so much more. This decadent panini is the most expensive on the menu, but you can only expect that from quality lobster.

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