Many of you are probably thinking 'Why can't we just get a drink at the Observatory?' Because it's the Observatory. Anyways. Sometimes it's good to get some fresh air, a change of scenery and see where life takes you.

In this case, it's taking you to the nearest bar. I know how stressful school can be. I get it. It's also stressful leaving your perfect parking spot that you took forever to find to go to a bar. But it'll be all worth it once you take that first sip. It's crucial to take time for yourself with people you love and there's no better way than bonding over greasy food and alcoholic drinks. Well, there may be better ways, but whatever.

Instead of just staying at school and drinking at the Observatory, which I get, can sometimes be fun, get out and forget about school all together for a few and see how refreshed you feel. So here at 8 places near Algonquin College you can get a drink to relieve stress. But maybe don't show up to class drunk–or if you do, don't blame me.

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1. Summerhays Grill // 1971 Baseline Road

Less than a 10 minute walk from Algonquin, Summerhays Grill is perfect if you have a small break in between classes and just need to get off of the campus for a while. If you have a morning class, I recommend getting the caesar along with their 2.99 breakfast special!

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2. Big Rig Brewery // 2750 Iris Street

Big Rig Brewery is a short drive from Algonquin College, and they have so many drink choices to choose from. If you're a beer lover, you must go here and try the 4 tasters, which gives you a variety of their best brews. And obviously, for the #whitegirl in all of us, they do have other cocktails you can choose from.

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3. Royal Oak // 117 Centrepointe Drive

The Royal Oak is a hidden bar by the Centrepointe Theatre, but it's a few minute walk away from Algonquin. I mean, they have sangria. Do I need to say more?

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4. Tailgators // 1642 Merivale Road

Tailgators is the perfect spot to head after your classes are done for the day. You can play a round of pool, and drink until you're ready to head home and smash out some homework (or fall right asleep). If you need to relieve stress from the day, Tailgators will definitely help you forget about that project that's due tomorrow morning.

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5. Milestones Grill and Bar // 1080 Baxter Road

Milestones Grill and Bar is also a short drive away from Algonquin College. If you and your squad are feeling some cute drinks, I recommend coming here. The peach bellini is a must, and it can make your Instagram look on point. You'll feel amazing after the sugar rush hits.

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6. St. Louis Bar and Grill // 1331 Clyde Avenue

St. Louis Bar and Grill has every type of alcoholic drink you could possibly want. This is also a great place to go in between breaks or if you're done classes for the day. You can grab a drink and some wings and sit back and relax. The atmosphere is so chill, you'll never want to go back to school (but who does?)

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7. Chances R Restaurant // 1365 Woodroffe Avenue

Literally a two-minute walk from campus, this is the easiest spot to go to if you're in need for a drink. Got half an hour? Chances R is where you need to be. It's the quickest option for a busy student who doesn't want to drink at the Observatory anymore (I don't blame you).

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8. Prime Burger Bar // 780 Baseline Road

Prime Burger Bar has great options for someone who really wants to indulge in a drink. Their cocktails are more on the expensive side, however, if you've had a long day at school you should 100% treat yourself. They have a great list of appetizers to go along with the drink menu too, so this is another great spot to just chill and not think about school for a few minutes.

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