Even thought winter in Ottawa can be brutal, it definitely has some perks. It may be -40 degrees here sometimes, but you have to admit that the fresh snow on trees looks absolutely stunning.

It gives the city a completely different vibe, especially downtown when it's covered in snow. However, the most amazing place to go in the winter is just a little bit further from Ottawa. Gatineau Park covered with snow is probably just as stunning as it is during the fall time. But we'll let you decide on that one.

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Whether you're taking a winter hike, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing, you'll bound to be in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. Watching the sun set while surrounded by white is breathtaking, and even though it may be cold as hell, it's a great way to get into nature and experience something new.

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If you're curious as to what trails you should check out in the winter, I got you covered.

  • Sugarbush Trail
  • Lauriault Trail
  • Pioneers Trail
  • Capital Pathway
  • Meech Lake
  • Lac Philippe
  • Luskville Falls
  • Champlain Lookout

You can also bring your dogs on these trails, and your dog will love the snow just as much as you do. Just make sure they're kept on a leash, and to not go when there is freezing rain. You'll thank me.

Whether you choose to hike, snowshoe or ski, you'll be taking in the beauty the whole way. Who says hiking can only be in the summer? Especially with views like this, you'll want to go back every weekend. If you're just going for a hike, bring a hot chocolate and make a cute date out of it.  Just remember, if you want to see the sun set, bring a flashlight for the way back.

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