Going on dates is always a great time, whether you two go for a movie or simply take a walk, dates are pretty much you two lovebirds spending quality time together. There are so many places to go on a date in Ottawa, but the sucky part is a bunch of them are downtown. Sure going downtown with your bae is cute and all, but why not switch things up and do something different?!

There are a ton of things to do that don't always involve going downtown. Plus if you're someone that always goes downtown sometimes it can get super repetitive. It's always good to change things up and try something new. From different restaurants to sweet treats, there are lots of dates you can go on through the city. 

Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Where: Ridge Rd

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Take a walk at Mer Bleue Conservation Area. This gorgeous path is located in Orleans and it's a great place to stroll hand in hand together. The path is quiet, scenic, and so pretty. Grab an ice cream or a drink and make your way to this quiet pathway for a romantic walk. 


BATL Ottawa

Where: 2615 Lancaster Rd #29

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Get competitive at BATL Ottawa! Here you two will try something super unique together. BATL Ottawa lets you throw axes at a target just like a game of darts. If you two are stressed from work and just want to release some anger, this is a great activity!


Maverick's Donut Company 

Where: 1500 Bank St

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Sure they just opened a location downtown, but Maverick's Donut Company's first shop was a hidden store at Blue Heron Mall. This spot serves the most tasty donuts in the city. Whether you want a classic cinnamon or a delicious apple fritter, you are bound to be impressed. 


Lansdowne Park

Where: 452 Queen Elizabeth Dr

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If you want to change up the scenery of where you always go, heading to Lansdowne is a great option. Heading here will give you great views of the Ottawa river when you walk together, a movie theatre, and plenty of restaurants in the area.


Westboro Beach

Where: 745 Ottawa River Parkway 

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Spend your day soaking up the sun and laying on Westboro Beach. Sure you may not want to get into the water (understandable), but why not just enjoy the summer weather together. There's nothing better than being outside during the warm weather, so get out and take advantage of it!


Chocolats Favoris

Where: 180 Vanguard Dr

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Completely indulge in an unbelievable cone from Chocolats Favoris. If you two both have a major sweet tooth then you will 100% love this ice cream spot. Chocolats Favoris serves up dipped  and it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Hintonburg Pottery

Where: 1242 Wellington St W

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Be completely creative together and try something new by taking a pottery class. You will be guided from beginning to end in each pottery class. Hintonburg Pottery provides clay and tools for you to make your masterpiece. Their focus is to make you feel comfortable to explore your creative energy and make something beautiful!  


Flying Squirrel Ottawa

Where: 1901 Cyrville Rd

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If the two of you love activities that also double as workouts, then this is the perfect date night for you. Bounce from one trampoline to the next all night long! Flying Squirrel Ottawa is a great date night for any lovebirds that love having a blast.


Sutherland Restaurant, Bar and Coffee House

Where: 224 Beechwood Ave

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Make your way to Sutherland Restaurant, Bar and Coffee House for a great meal or a refreshing drink. No matter what you're both in the mood for, whether it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, a drink or a coffee they have it all!


Tanger Outlets

Where: 8555 Campeau Dr

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Tanger Outlets is a great place to head to if you're both in need of a few new things. Whether you need new running shoes or a few summer outfits, you can find some great things at Tanger Outlets. Even if you don't buy anything Tanger Outlets has a few places where you can eat, plus they also have a Beavertails (yes, please). 


Canada Science and Technology Museum


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Most of Ottawa's museums are located downtown, but luckily this incredible classic isn't. The Canada Science and Technology Museum is a great place to go if you both enjoy learning new things and checking out unique exhibits. Currently the  BRICK-buster exhibition is on display and it is bound to have you and your S/O in shock.


Putting Edge

Where: 5 Roydon Place

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Escape reality and enter a world that glows in the dark.  Putting Edge is the perfect place to go for a super unique date. You two will be competing in this glow-in-the-dark world. Mini-putting is always a fun way to spend your day together, but mini-putting in a glow in the dark world? Now that sounds like a blast!


Dow's Lake

Where: 375 Queen Elizabeth

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Rent a canoe, kayak, or a paddleboard and have some fun at Dow's Lake together. If you two love to spend time outdoors during the summer, then you will really enjoy your time at Dow's Lake. Prices range depending on what you wish to rent, but to rent a paddleboard is $20 for the first hour. 


Art Haven

Where: 102 - 200 Kennevale Drive

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Unleash your inner creativity together at Art Haven. At Art Haven you can paint your own mugs or decorations while sipping on some wine. If you two are lovers of wine and are in search for something to do other than a wine testing, you can always head to Art Haven to be super creative while enjoying your wine. Now if you don't drink wine, don't worry, Art Haven also serves up bubble tea!



Where: 6400 Hazeldean Rd

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Have a super fancy meal together at NeXT Ottawa. The dishes at NeXT are globally inspired and paired with unique cocktails and diverse wines. If you're a couple that appreciates a fine dining experience then NeXT is 100% the place for you both. 


Morrison's Quarry

Where: Chelsea, QC

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Time to take full advantage of this hot weather. With the summer sun heating us all up, there's nothing better than heading to a quarry. Morrison's Quarry is just 30 minutes outside of Ottawa and if you have never been, now is your chance to head here with your S/O. 



Where: 1050 Baxter Rd

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Become kids again while you play arcade games and compete against eachother at Funhaven. At Funhaven you can play laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, and rock climb! Seriously if you two are indecisive AF this place will have everything you'll ever want and need to have a fun night together.


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