Escape rooms are so much fun to do whether you manage to escape or not. There's something thrilling about being locked in a room and solving clues to find your way out.

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There are so many great escape rooms to go to in Ottawa! You and your friends will totally feel like you're in your favourite movie trying to get out of a life or death situation. Running from one end of the room to the next hunting for a way out. It's time to add these 11 places to your bucket list.

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Jigsaw Escape Rooms // 122 Clarence St

The rooms are The Cabin, CSI: The Study, and The Heist. Each round is $22 each and 45 minutes long with a maximum of 6 players.

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Escape Manor // Multiple Locations

The rooms are The Outlaw Saloon, The Asylum, The Darkness, Beau's Brewery, Apocalypse 2.0, The Gallery, The Extraction, Psycho, The Tomb, and The Cornwall Jail. Prices, times, and players range per room.

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Lockdown Ottawa // 1080 Ogilvie Rd

The rooms are The Visitors, Save The Rave, and Trudeau Towers. Each round is $20 each and 45 minutes long with a maximum of 6 players.

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Unlocked Ottawa // 329 March Rd

The rooms are The Krylon Crew vs. The Police Duo and Our Man on Sussex. The rounds are 45-60 minutes long and cost $18-22.

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Room Escape Ottawa // 1860 Bank St

The rooms are Boom Room, Serial Killer Charade, Stranded, De-composed, and Deliverance.  Each round is $24 each with 2-8 players.

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Tick Tock Escape // 139 Bank St

The rooms are The Hangover, The 1,000,000 Payday, The Vacancy. Each round is $22 each and 55 minutes long.

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The Diefenbunker // 3929 Carp Rd

The room is Escape The Diefenbunker. The escape is 60 minutes long, $32 each, and has a maximum of 12 players.

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Mystery Motel // 41 York Street 

The rooms are The Magicians Studio, The Boudoir, and The Parlour. Each room is $21 per person and a maximum of 6 players.  

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Captive Escape Rooms // 208 Slater Street

The rooms are Dracula's Library, Charlotte, and Cabinet of Curiosities. Each room is $27 per person and 45-60 minutes long.

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Hideaway Adventure House // 65 Bank Street

The room is The Heist (more to come) and it costs $24 each. 

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Amnesia Escape Games // 37 Clarence Street Ottawa

The room is The Disenchanted Forest (more to come). Each round is $25 per person, 45 minutes long, and is 5-10 players. 

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