There's nothing more fun and adventurous like a good ol' hike. Canadians love nature, whether it's camping, hiking, or snowboarding it's safe to say we love the outdoors. Summer is the best time to enjoy the heat while walking through some of the best hiking trails in or near Ottawa. 

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Gather up all your friends because it's time to explore the outdoors. Hiking has many many positives: you'll get a solid workout in, you'll get some cute Instas, you'll soak up the summer heat and most importantly it's free AF. 

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Lauriault Trail // Gatineau Park

Distance: 3km 

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Barron Canyon Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park 

Distance: 1.5km (loop)

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Mount Marcy // New York

Distance: 24km

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Luskville Falls Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 4.5km

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Sarsaparilla Trail // Ottawa, ON

Distance: 0.8 km

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Wilson Carbide Ruins // Gatineau Park

Distance: 3km

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Eagles Nest Lookout // Calabogie Peaks Resort

Distance: 1.5 km

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Sugar Bush Trail // Gatineau Park

Distance: 1.7 km

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Track and Tower Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park 

Distance: 7.5 km (loop)

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Stony Swamp // 4897 Old Richmond Road

Distance: over 40 km combined trials

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Centennial Ridges Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park

Distance: 10.4km (loop)

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Champlain Trail // Gatineau Park

Distance: 1.3 km

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Booth's Rock Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park 

Distance: 5.1km (loop)

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Lusk Caves Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 12 km

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King Mountain Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 1.9km

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Hemlock Bluff Trail // Algonquin Provincial Park

Distance: 3.5km (loop)

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Pine Grove Trail // Ottawa, ON

Distance: 18.4 km

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Pink Lake Trail // Gatineau Park 

Distance: 2.5km

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