Everyone loves ice cream (and if you don't I have to reconsider our friendship). Some people prefer gelato some prefer soft serve, no matter your preference there are so many places you can get your ice cream on in Ottawa.

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There truly are options for everyone in Ottawa. If you're vegan don't worry there are so many places perfect for you. Ice cream is life and it's amazing on a hot summer day. These ice cream shops all sell a wide variety of flavors and should all be on your summer 2017 bucket list 

Gelato Spots

Soft Serve Spots

Vegan-Friendly Spots

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Gelato Spots: 

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Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // 1103 Bank Street

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Mantovani 1946 // 87 Murray Street

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The Beachconers Microcreamery //  273 Britannia Rd

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Pure Gelato // Multiple Locations

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Piccolo Grande // 55 Murray Street

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Sash Gelato Café // 43 William Street

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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory // 55 Byward Market Square

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Cardinal Ice Cream // 991 Wellington St W

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Soft Serve Spots: 

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Chocolats Favoris // 180 Vanguard Drive

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Lois N' Frimas // 71 George Street

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Sweet Jesus // 97 Clarence St

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Holland's Cake and Shake // 229 Armstrong Street

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The Merry Dairy // Ice Cream Truck

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Godiva Chocolatier // Multiple Locations

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Brett's Ice Cream // 1 Beaverbrook Rd

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The Beach Shack // Mooney's Bay

For Vegan-Friendly Spots, Click "NEXT"

Vegan-Friendly Spots:

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Thimble Cakes // 369 Bank Street

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Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington Street West

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Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Ave

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Gelatini Gelato // 344 Preston St

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Moo Shu Ice Cream // 477 Bank Street

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Life of Pie // 1134 Bank St

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