Do you get sad when you realize summer is over and you can't go camping anymore? I don't either, but some people do. But now, there's a solution for everyone.

Who knew winter camping was a thing? When you hear the words 'winter camping', you think of torture. Who would possibly want to camp during the winter? Well, I'm sure you saw the picture above and retracted that statement.

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These adorable winter cabins, which are also known as four-season tents, are located in Lac Philippe Campground in Gatineau, which is about an hour drive from Ottawa. They're available all year long, however, nothing beats waking up to a winter wonderland of snow around you in the middle of a forest.

These four-season tents are $112 a night Sunday - Thursday, and $130 a night every other night. They hold up to 4 people, and have one double mattress and two single beds. Crazy how all of that fits into that little cabin, eh?

To get to the camp ground, you can either snowshoe or ski, which is sure to make for a hilarious adventure.

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Surprisingly, this list of items is what the winter cabin comes with: 

  • Beds and mattresses (1 double mattress, 2 single mattresses)
  • Table, chairs, bench inside, picnic table outside
  • Wood stove (firewood provided onsite)
  • Outdoor barbecue and cooler
  • Kettle, spatula, spoons, can opener, ladles, stockpots, pan
  • Outhouse nearby
  • No water nearby
  • No electricity

All in all, it's the perfect getaway if you're actually looking to get away. Leave your phones in the car, and tough it out like the boss you know you are.

There are only 4 of these four-season tents available all year long, so reserve your spot now! Put it on your bucket list, and have an experience of a lifetime!

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