Get ready. 

Are you sure you're ready to hear what this milkshake contains? 

Holland's Cake and Shake, located at 229 Armstrong Street, is a semi-new dessert shop that will blow your mind. It opened on July 15th, and has been all the buzz since them and for obvious reasons–one that I'll talk about in a minute. Michael Holland opened up Holland's Cake and Shake to provide Ottawa with innovative and unique desserts that change weekly as well as flow with the seasons.

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If you're looking for a great place to spend a cheat day, this is the place to go. Holland's Cake and Shake doesn't mess around and even though the items on the menu change weekly, there is one item that never goes anywhere. Are you ready?

How would you feel if your 16 oz. milkshake of your choice also included a cake of your choice, a brownie, a cookie, a truffle/square AND it was topped off with whipped cream and a sparkler? Well, now is your chance to find out.

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If you thought I was kidding, I would never joke about something this serious. This masterpiece of a dessert is called The Overlord. I'm sure we all know why that's an appropriate name.

Ottawa vloggers M & M did a review on the crazy milkshake. As described in the video, they both claim it's probably about 3 pounds and like diabetes in a cup. Obviously, this is something you shouldn't drink every single day however every true Ottawan needs to try The Overlord at least once. And if you're lactose intolerant, there are lactose pills for these kinds of occasions.

The owner comes up with all of the recipes on his own, so I think we're all wondering how he came up with this masterpiece. Ottawa is not exactly known for their outrageous food items or over the top desserts, but The Overlord is definitely out of this world.

So I recommend sharing this with your SO or BFF, but if you're committed enough, you can also attempt it by yourself. Good luck with that!

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