Who needs 2017 when you got the 90s? Just a week before we celebrate the new year, Barrymore's on Bank Street is hosting a Spice Girls party and, well, we're freaking out.

To be completely honest, is there any better way to end 2016 than by singing Wannabe (slightly tipsy) to your heart's content? The event organizers are also encouraging you to dress up as the Spice Girls when heading down to the party. So, who are you going dress up as in your squad? Ginger? Scary? Baby?

Don't worry if you think you're going to be spiced out by the end of the night (but honestly, is there ever such thing as too much Spice Girls?). The event will be playing other 90s hits throughout the night as well. We're talking Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Pinch me.

Doors open at 10pm on Friday, Dec. 23. Cover before midnight will be $7 and $10 past midnight.

More info about the event can be found on the event's Facebook page here.

So, you ready to spice up your weekend, Ottawa?

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