Instead of watching The Bachelorette finale crying alone in your basement, why not gather your friends and make a girls night out of it?! We all have our opinions on this reality dating game show, but we can't deny that it's addicting and very entertaining to watch. Every season just seems to get more intense as they bring in a past contestant from the previous season to become either the bachelor or bachelorette.

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If you live under a rock, or you just avoid T.V/the media at all costs, this show is, well, basically a competition to see who can win the love of the bachelor or bachelorette. The 25 men or women go on various dates with said person, and there are roses given out to those at the end of each date or the ever dramatic rose ceremony which states that the bachelor/bachelorette is still interested. At the end of the season, said person has to choose between two suitors which is completely their choice. If they want to make things even more dramatic, they don't even have to choose anyone. But that usually just wastes everyones time.

Even though all of these contestants indicate that they are there for all of the right reasons (such an overused term now, tbh), a lot of them aren't. Which makes for great evening television and something to talk about at work the next day.

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Well friends, tonight is the night where we see who or if JoJo chooses her potential husband. It's always the best episode ever, and the after the finale rose episode is even better. So like I mentioned before, why not grab your girlfriends–single or not–and have a little girls night out with The Bachelorette playing loud and clear?!

Cornerstone Bar & Grill in the ByWard Market is hosting a Bachelorette Finale night where you can watch the finale episode from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. What makes this even better is you can get two appetizers and two sangrias for only $19.99! So get out of your pyjamas and into your honorary white dress and become the ultimate girl tonight.

And if you can't make it tonight, Cornerstone Bar & Grill is also hosting the same deal for the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2nd! There's also no harm in going both nights, just saying. There's no such thing as too much sangria.

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