Even though becoming vegan or vegetarian is described as a trend these days, Ottawa is definitely hoping on the bandwagon and providing residents with the best of the best meatless and dairy free options. The restaurants described below are fully vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options that even meat-lovers will dream about.

These unique eateries provide you with endless options other than a plate of veggies and tofu, which I'm sure even the gnarliest vegans wouldn't enjoy. If you've just made the decision to stop eating animal products, or have been committed for years, here are Ottawa's best vegan/vegetarian restaurants you must try!

The Green Door // 198 Main Street

Described as a hippy style buffet, this vegetarian restaurant is heaven to all meatless eaters in Ottawa. If it couldn't sound any better, all the food is labelled so you know exactly what's vegan, vegetarian and gluten free.

Pure Kitchen // 357 Richmond Road, 340 Elgin Street

This vegetarian restaurant/juice bar is one of the more popular spots in Ottawa. They have a variety of dishes that you would normally order at a chain restaurant, except healthy, meatless and dairy free. I mean, who wouldn't want guilt free onion rings and poutine? Believe me, it's hard not to order everything on the menu.

Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise // 167 Laurier Avenue

A cozy, affordable restaurant with endless dessert options? Where do we sign up? But honestly, this quaint, tucked away eatery mocks home cooked meals, which is perfect for students at uOttawa.

Photo cred - @kshap17

Cafe My House // 1015 Wellington Street

Cafe My House focuses their small-scale menu on seasonal veggies. They offer a brunch and dinner menu, and have a variety of dishes to satisfy any vegetarian craving. They also offer a 5 course and 9 course tasting menu–a perfect date idea. Guys, take note.

Blossom Vegetarian Cafe // 209 Gilmour Street

The aroma of this restaurant says it all. They serve comforting 'bowls', along with a long list of other items, that combine texture and flavours to make you want to come back everyday. This gem also specifies if items are vegetarian, gluten free, or vegan, so your work is cut out for you!

SimplyRaw Express // 989 Wellington Street West

With all of their items prepared fresh daily, this completely vegan and gluten free restaurant has options for all hours of the day. They offer smoothies, fresh cold-pressed juices and daily food specials every day of the week. They make living raw easy and delicious!

Dosa Inc. // Dundonald Park (Open In Summer Months)

Specializing in Dosa's (a gluten free Indian crepe) and Uttapam (sour dough pancakes), this mobile food truck is a must if you're ever roaming Downtown Ottawa with a unique craving. Everything on the menu is vegetarian as well!

The Table // 1230 Wellington Street West

More like a cafeteria themed restaurant, obviously with way better food, you pay by like weight of your plate. Don't let the cafeteria-style restaurant fool you though. The food is high quality and labelled for your convenience, with a lot of delicious vegetarian options to choose from!

Photo cred - @plant_kind

Peace-Garden // 47 Clarence Street

This restaurant is located in the market, although sadly hidden and tucked away. It's soothing environment makes you feel like you're in a different country, and the comforting food speaks for itself. I recommend going on the journey to find this cute, vegetarian restaurant. It's worth every penny you spend going over your data from using the maps on your phone.

Govindas Vegetarian Buffet // 212 Somerset Street East

A unique restaurant unlike no other. It's located inside of a Hare Krishna Temple, and you are asked to take off your shoes as per entering. This delicious buffet is $5 for students and seniors, and $7 otherwise. If you are looking for a different dining experience, this is it. You won't be disappointed!

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