Forget Netflix and chill, and worrying about what meal order or what movie to pick. It's about time you've spiced things up a little. Dinner and a movie just isn't cutting it anymore. How are you supposed to escape if the dinner was awful and you still have to sit through a movie you didn't even pick?

That's why you pick something that's going to be hella fun, even if your date isn't. Dating can be challenging! So why make it more complicated than it has to be? We've done the hardest part for you: picking the first date activity. Impress the face off them with these choices!

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1. Get a bulls eye at Jack Axes

More than likely your date isn't a professional axe thrower. So how can you guys go wrong? It has to be a laugh for both of you so why not give it a try?

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2. Snow shoeing in Pippy Park

A good way to find out if they like the great outdoors. Which can be a deal breaker for some! Don't worry about not having the right gear, you can always rent them at North Bank Lodge or Outfitters. So get rent a pair and get going!


3. Get flexible at a Moksha Yoga Class

A good way to connect with someone! Maybe this isn't the first date, but you're running out of ideas. This is an awesome idea to bring you two closer together.

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4. Escape a room at Breakout NL

An excellent team building skill. Break out one of the rooms together, how romantic right? Just make sure you don't leave them behind!

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5. Check out The Rooms

Check out the art and the exhibits. A great way to find more about your date. After you're done check out the cafe on the top floor. Win them over with great art and delicious coffee.

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6. Paint Nite Newfoundland

Time to get in touch with your creative side! A perfect way for both of you to have a great time. Spend a few hours painting something you're passionate about. Paint Nite is held at different venus across town, so keeping up with their Facebook page is essential.

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7. Play pool at Dooly's

Who doesn't love a good game of pool. Release you're inner pool shark and win a few rounds. Probably a good idea to let them win a few times as well. Have a few brew and have some fun!

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8. Go watch a show at The Ship

Enjoy a few cold ones and some live music at The Ship Pub. The music is always changing and the beer is always cold. A good way to have good conversation between sets.

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9. Go see the Symphony at The Arts and Culture Centre

A good way to relax and enjoy each others company. Sit back and enjoy the sounds around you for a few hours. Even if the date doesn't go well at least you'll have a good time regardless!

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10. Mochanopoly Board Game Cafe

This could go extremely well or extremely awful. The perfect way to see your dates true colours. Might be best to avoid Monopoly on the first date, or it could get competitive!

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11. Go wall climbing Wallnuts

Talk about building each others trust! Hopefully your date will be a good spotter, or you might be in deeper trouble than you thought. Wallnuts has everything you need for a fun filled evening.

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12. Catch an Ice Caps Game at Mile One

What better way to see if you're date is a die hard hockey fan. Grab a poutine, sit back and hear everyone else scream their faces off! Oh and don't forget to purchase 50/50 tickets! You could walk out of their luckier than when you first walked in — depending on how your date goes of course.

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13. Grab a coffee from Battery Cafe and head to Signal Hill

Tone it down a bit and just have a real conversation. Pick them up, grab a coffee and head up to the top of St. John's. Put on some good music and take in the view over good conversation. Everyone has done this with their special someone one at least once.

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14. Go for a walk around Bowring Park

An oldie but a goodie, let the walk impress them so you don't have to. How can you go wrong with this idea? Walking around Bowring Park is short but sweet. Just enough time to see if you want suggest another activity. Don't forget to stop by Lovers Bridge.

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15. Go to the GeoCentre

Now you've hit rock bottom — literally. The GeoCentre is a pretty neat spot as half of it is underground! They have movie showings and different exhibitions.

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16. Bowling at Plaza Bowl

Kick it old school and try not to throw some gutter balls. Or spice it up and go glow bowling! Either way is a good time for both you and your love.

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17. Check out the lights at MUN Botanical Garden

MUN Botanical Garden is all dressed up for Winter. Pick a clear night that's not to chilly, get some hot chocolate and take in the beautiful lights. A beautiful night with a beautiful date, it doesn't get much better than that!

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18. Complete Gun Repairs' Indoor shooting range

Show off your skills at the local shooting range! You know they have a good eye since they're on a date with you, but how well can they hit the target? Have a laugh on the best date night ever!

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19. Go to the Christina Parker Gallery

Discover their love for art at the Christina Parker Gallery. The gallery shows various artists throughout the year and you won't be disappointed! Much better than dinner and a movie.

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